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1970 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 2+2

This exceptional driving smartly presented Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 2+2 Automatic equipped with power assisted steering, original sunroof and chrome wire wheels has come to us from a regular customer based in Teesside. The E-Type is a matching numbers car that started life in the USA and was brought over to the UK in 1990. Since being registered in the UK the Jaguar has covered around 14,000 miles and restoration and maintenance work has been well documented. This very well sorted car has been in regular since the early 1990’s but from 2004 to 2016 spent time with one owner in Darlington who spent significant money on the car to proudly show the weekend during the summer season. In 2014 the E-Type wont a 1st place in class at the Wigton Motor Club Cumbria Classic Car Show.

Whilst we would not describe this car as show winner, it's a superbly well-presented car that drives superbly and is capable of regular use. In 2016 when the last owner bought the vehicle, it was treated to a full re-paint and interior re-trim but in the years previous it was very well detailed and fettled. Receipts for thousands of pounds worth of work are present in the file and work includes fitting 123 electronic ignition, a re-conditioned alternator, sports coil, stainless steel braided brake hoses, rebuilt brake calipers, re-conditioned brake servo, new brake master cylinder, new discs and pads, new rear damper spring units, new rear radium arm poly bushes, new steering rack and fully rebuilt triple SU carburettors. Significant expenditure went into stripping down the front suspension and frame for access to the engine. The engine was detailed, some gaskets replaced and ancillaries were powder coated, the front end rebuilt as required with various new suspension components and the front space frame re-painted resulting in an impressive under bonnet finish. The E-Type has also benefited from new thermostat and Kevlar coolant hoses. Cosmetic work added to the more recent re-paint and re-trim included re-chroming front and rear bumpers and over-riders

As result of the above work, the E-Type is a lovely tight driving car with precise, light steering, sharp efficient brakes and handling and road holding feels superb with its rebuilt suspension. The engine is strong, offers excellent performance and impressive oil pressure. The automatic gearbox is notably very good, it changes up and down smoothly and ensures a very relaxed, enjoyable driving experience. This E-Type is a lovely relaxed cruiser, its reliable, robust and an all round very good honest car. SUX 993H looks great with an impressive, sharp paint finish, impressive chrome, a strong, solid underside, smartly re-trimmed interior and a very nicely presented and well detailed engine bay. This is a car that can be driven with confidence, doesn't require major expenditure and is ideal for regular use.

Price: £SOLD