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1971 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Roadster

This superb driving Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster has recently been imported into the UK from California. Before arriving in the UK, the E-Type was in the hands of an elderly long term owner who had maintained the car very well. More recently and sadly due to ill health, the car has been left parked up and unused for some time and on arrival into the UK has had to be put through a programme of re-commissioning work that has been carried out by a Jaguar specialist.

On arrival in the UK the E-Type was inspected, assessed and road tested. It is evident that some time ago the engine has been rebuilt and re-bored and the work has been done very well. The engine performs superbly with excellent acceleration and very good oil pressure. The engine feels strong and the all syncro four speed gearbox is a delight to use with no crunching or unusual sounds.

Re-commissioning and pre-MOT work began, firstly with the exhaust being removed, new rear pipes fitted, silencers repaired and all new mountings fitted. The steering rack was removed and internals lubricated, new N/S/F wishbone bushes fitted, lower ball joints, upper joint gaiters and rack gaiters all replaced. Headlamps were replaced with a RHD Halogen conversion and various wiring repaired.  Auxiliary rear orange indicators were fitted, a new battery and new cables fitted and the perished lower radiator hose changed. Fresh anti-freeze was then added. At this point the E-Type was MOT tested and in May of this year the E-Type was on the road covering some mileage. As the E-Type was being put into use after some time off the road, various issues from driving the car became apparent and further work was carried out on the car. At this point the cylinder head was removed and sent away for specialist checking and refacing. All components were cleaned off, corroded head studs replaced and valves checked, cleaned off and ground in. Valve clearances were checked and re-set. The cylinder head was then re-fitted, timing set and all parts re-fitted. Exhaust manifold studs were replaced, the radiator switch and relay replaced, a new thermostat and temperature sender unit fitted and the tachometer repaired.

Due to the recent expenditure, this is now a perfectly useable E-Type Roadster. The car has been kept in LHD format and as a result is ideal for overseas touring. One important point to note is that whilst the car is still in U.S specification, it does have expensive genuine original UK spec triple SU carburettors in replacement for the twin Strombergs that the car would have had originally.

The E-Type has proven to be reliable and drives incredibly well with a very good handling. The car, as many that have come from California has an excellent underbody and is an ideal base for somebody looking to improve an E-Type. Whilst the paintwork is bright but not without the odd blemish, it has an aged look and is acceptable. More importantly the body is very straight and structurally excellent. Some of the chrome has been replaced, the hood is useable and the upholstery aged with a nice patina. The car is ready to be used and enjoyed and cosmetic improvements will only increase the vehicles value. We are happy to discuss any improvements that a buyer may wish to consider.

Price: £SOLD