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1968 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Roadster

This matching numbers Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster was dispatched new on 12th November 1968. The car left the factory in Old English White with Red upholstery with Black hood and today is still in correct colours. The E-Type is a genuine Roadster and was supplied new with manual transmission. This early Series II car was distributed by Jaguar Cars, New York and was delivered new into Florida. The E-Type arrived into the UK in 1991 retaining its correct original engine and original chassis and body numbers.

This stunning example has had two major rebuilds over the past 25 years. HUM 135G was subject of a major restoration over in the U.S but the work was not completed until after the vehicle arrived in the UK. Much of the work, including an engine rebuild was carried out in the States but it arrived needing completion due to the circumstances of its owner at the time. The Jaguar was converted to right hand drive and on arrival the interior was completely re-trimmed, a mohair hood fitted and various mechanical work completed in order to put the car into roadworthy condition. The E-Type speedo was taken back to zero and the car then used on a regular basis during the 1990's. Invoices for further major work included a full gearbox rebuild in 2002 and we have receipts for regular maintenance and servicing. From 1991 to 2006 the E-Type completed around 12,500 miles, all recorded by consecutive MOT certificates. In 2006 we sold HUM 135G to its most recent owner who has covered a further 12000 miles in the car but has also commissioned a high quality restoration between 2011-2012 taking this E-Type to an exceptionally high standard.


Since purchasing the E-Type in 2006 over £35,000 has been spent on the car taking it to a very high standard. The car on purchase was a smartly presented, usable E-Type restored fifteen years previous. It has proven reliable, drove particular well and had covered an average of just under 1000 miles per year. Although in good usabe condition, the new owner decided to take this car to the next level and almost ten years later, the car is now back with us in outstanding condition. In 2006 the E-Type was transported to engine specialists VSE in Wales and treated to a bottom end rebuild. The engine was removed and rebuilt and treated to a new oil pump/distributor bronze gear, triple SU carburettors were supplied and fitted and a new clutch kit fitted. Engine related work alone in 2006/2007 added to in excess of £5,000. Thousands of pounds were spent with various Jaguar specialists on further mechanical improvements such as a new stainless steel exhaust system, brake servo, brake master cylinder, ignition items, propshaft universal joints, steering rack mounts, steering rack gaiters, wheel bearings, starter motor, alternator and many other parts. In 2011-2012 the E-Type was totally dismantled ahead of a total body restoration. An panels requiring work were either replaced or restored and the bare shell was then rebuilt to a very high standard. On completion, the shell was painted, including the underside in its correct colour of Old English White and re-fitted to an excellent standard. All new body rubbers were fitted, a new wiring loom installed, a new windscreen fitted and a new mohair hood fitted. Whilst mechanical components were removed, the rear axle was rebuilt and new drive shafts and shock absorbers fitted. A new diff pinion oil seal fitted, the front suspension re-furbished and engine and ancillaries cleaned and prepared prior to re-fit.

Since completion of the above just a few thousand miles have been completed and the E-Type both presents and drives superbly. The bodywork is exceptional with superb panel gaps and stunning straight panels, the underside is excellent, the space frame and bulk head superb and the paint finish stunning. The chrome work is excellent including the wheels, tyres are Dunlop and recently replaced and the hood and interior are excellent. The engine bay is beautifully detailed, the boot compartment and spare wheel well excellent and the car is delightful in every respect. The seats are comfortable, the interior luxurious and all electrics and dials work correctly. On the road performance is outstanding and offers everything you would expect from an E-Type. The VSE rebuilt original engine is top class with excellent oil pressure, the all syncromesh four speed gearbox is smooth, quiet and effortless, steering, suspension and brakes all feel tight and correct; HUM 135G just needs driving and will not disappoint. Concluding, it must be said that this car can be driven and enjoyed with confidence. It has the benefit of a recent rebuild and a good amount of miles have been covered since to give its next owner confidence. This is beautiful, sharp E-Type in a fantastic, correct colour combination.


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Price: £SOLD