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1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Roadster

This matching numbers RHD Jaguar E-Type Roadster was last sold by us in 2011. This structurally excellent, first class driver was manufactured on 8th May 1969 and the original distributor was British Leyland, New York. The E-Type spent forty years in the US before being carefully sourced by one of the UK's leading Harley Davidson retailers who then brought the car into the UK. On arrival in the UK in 2009 the E-Type was taken to Jaguar specialists M&C Wilkinson for a professional RHD steering conversion and extensive refurbishment to include full brake overhaul, rear axle assembly removal, powder coating and rebuild, front suspension overhaul and new stainless steel exhaust system and manifold. Invoices for thousands of pounds worth of work are with the car.

We collected the E-Type from its first UK owner in 2011 and sold the car to a long term customer who has a collection of four E-Type's. Prior to delivering the car to the Peterborough area, we fitted a brand new mohair hood and removed the engine in order to fit a new clutch. Since being with its second UK owner, the E-Type has covered just a few hundred miles and further improvements fitting triple SU carburettors. HUM 403G is a particularly strong E-Type with an excellent 4.2 engine holding excellent oil pressure. The car performs incredibly well with impressive performance and the four speed all syncro gearbox is very smooth with no crunching. The clutch is still as new, the brakes pull up and straight and having covered very little mileage since a full steering conversion, the steering feels tight and direct.  This is an exceptional driver, its ideal for regular use and would be very comfortable for long distance touring. If looking for a top class driving E-Type, this is the car on its driving performance, it will match up with E-Type's at double the price. Since the initial work on arrival in the UK such as brand new brakes and suspension, only 750 miles have been covered so the car is very sharp on the road.

HUM 403G presents nicely with its aged Metallic Dark Green paintwork. The bodywork is exceptionally good with no rust issues, excellent panel gaps and a structurally superb underbody. The chrome work presents well, the hood still looks new and the chrome wires are in good order. The E-Type still retains its original Beige US vinyl trim which does present well. Replacing this for a new leather trim would take the car to the next level and we are happy to quote for this work to be carried out. The front space frame is totally original, painting this body colour would transform under the bonnet so this is something we will be doing within the price. This is an excellent value, perfectly usable  matching numbers E-Type and with some cosmetic improvements, could be much closer to a value of £100,000 in no time. They don't all drive this well, this really is a very special car.

Price: £SOLD