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1968 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Roadster

This stunning, very original and completely standard Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster was built on the 17th March 1969 and left the factory in Sable. The car is a matching numbers vehicle that was supplied new to a Don C Hindman and distributed from British Leyland, New York. The E-Type has spent almost all of its life in the US and came over to the UK, completing registration with the DVLA in September 2016. In early 2017 the Jaguar was taken to a well know Teeside specialists and was treated to £2500 of work to include a brand new clutch, flywheel, new coolant hoses, two new engine mounts, two bonnet hinge bushes, eight new manifold studs, replacement crank oil seal, sump gasket and exhaust rings.

TTU 805H is an incredibly good driver with a superb strong engine holding exceptional oil pressure. The engine feels very fit, delivers impressive performance and although the car has its U.S specification carburettors, it really does go very well. The original four speed all syncromesh gearbox is first class with lovely smooth changes up and down the gearbox and the E-Type handles beautifully with a comfortable road holding, nice steering and sharp efficient brakes. The E-Type only records 41,000 KM's on the speedometer and whilst we cannot guarantee this to be correct from new, the car does have all the signs of a low mileage.

The body also suggests this car has never had to have heavy use. The shell is very original with a beautiful clean underside. The floors are in excellent order, the external panels are lovely and straight and the under bonnet space frame all appears totally original. The Sable paintwork is lovely and sharp, the car clearly professionally re-painted in recent years with high quality chrome work. The hood is in excellent order, Black leather seats are smart, as are carpets, door cards and the boot area. This would make a wonderful car for touring the Continent and would ideally then stay in LHD format. TTU 805H will be freshly MOT tested and serviced for its next owner and we have also carried out many full conversions to UK RHD specification and are therefore happy to discuss costs and options for this type of work.

Price: £SOLD