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1971 Jaguar E-Type Series III Manual V12 Roadster

This first class E-Type V12 is an original manual UK car. The car was registered in 1971 and is therefore tax exempt. The American style sidelights have been added as the last owner preferred the look. The car rides on a set of excellent chrome wire wheels and the valuable registration number is with the car.

The overall condition of this E-Type is exceptional. The body is stunning and had a colour change from Sable Brown in 1980. The condition underneath is remarkable and the general fit and sharpness of the panels are superb. The engine bay is nicely detailed and has a lovely shine to it. Structurally the E-Type is excellent and the paint finish after many years is still deep and highly polished.

The recorded mileage is slightly over 63,000 and the upholstery fits that of a low mileage car. The carpets, seats, dash and instruments are all in excellent condition. The hood appears like new.

The V12 engine runs perfectly with high oil pressure. The engine has no knocks or rattles and sounds first class. The manual gearbox is smooth and a delight to use. JLR 8K is fabulous on the road and boasts power, superb braking and the most wonderful ride. This bright red E-Type can be enjoyed and driven any distance with comfort, reliability and style. If not used for longer distance touring, the car will be just as happy at the summer shows where it will not look out of place.

Price: £SOLD