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1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 FHC

This stunning Gunmetal Grey Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Manual FHC is a car we know well having it sold it to the last owner in 2013. The car has covered just 80,000 miles from new and comes to us with an excellent, comprehensive history file. The E-Type is a matching numbers car, still in its original colour combination of Silver with Black trim. EEE 72 started life in the US and had just one owner from 1974 to arriving in the UK in 1989. The car came into the UK with a genuine 39,000 miles and was then sold by the E-Type Centre in Derbyshire.

The E-Type V12 was sold to a private owner and between 1989 and 1993 he covered in the region of 7000 miles in the car. The E-Type was then taken to specialist classic restorers in County Durham and throughout 1993 and 1994 a major restoration was undertaken costing in the region of £20,000 (the cost of an V12 E-Type at this time). The body was completely restored and any corrosion removed and replaced with new metal work/panels. Photographs of the major work are in the history file. A LHD to RHD steering conversion was carried out and the car mechanically overhauled as required. The engine was checked and found to be an excellent low mileage unit, anti roll bar bushes, radius arms, rear shock absorbers, propshaft UJ's, rear subframe mountings, half shafts,  wheel bearings, brake pads, master cylinder, power steering belts, and coolant hoses were all replaced and some areas of the original trim replaced.

From completion in 1994 to 2011 the E-Type covered 29,000 miles and by this point was owned locally to us. The E-Type was now ready for another re-paint, 17 years of regular use resulted in some tired areas of paintwork so the owner used our relatively new bodyshop Malton Coachworks for a full external re-paint, the result being a gleaming deep finish on the superbly straight panels. Further tidying was required but in 2013 the decision was made to sell the car. We then carried out further work to include a brand new set of chrome wire wheels and new headlamps, a new set of carpets were trimmed and the headlining replaced. Mechanical work included a full service, rebuilding front brake calipers, replacing the gearbox rear mount and fitting new seat belts. Since selling the car in 2013 the car has been part of a four E-Type collection so use has been limited. The car has covered just 500 miles in this time but has had a further £5,000 spent. Improvements include a brand new stainless steel TT super exhaust system, carburettors have been rebuilt, front suspension bushes and ball joints have been replaced, as have both front and rear shock absorbers and the front seats have been rebuilt and re-trimmed as original in Black leather.

EEE 72 has now come back to us after almost five years in stunning condition with first class paintwork and bodywork, stunning chrome work and a nicely aged upholstery. Having covered so little mileage in recent years the work carried out in 2013 still looks fresh and the E-Type is mechanically very strong. The low mileage engine is superb with excellent oil pressure, the four speed manual gearbox is perfect up and down the gears and the suspension is excellent having recently had work. Brakes pull up sharply and once sold, the E-Type will be fully serviced in our workshop. EEE 72 is a striking looking car, it's quick, sounds outstanding with its SS TT exhaust and is arguably in one of the best colour combinations with a nice private registration mark to finish it off nicely. 

Price: £SOLD