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Price: £79,995

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1973 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Roadster

This UK supplied, matching numbers manual Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Roadster has only covered 67,000 miles from new and has been with its most recent owner in West Yorkshire for the past 35 years. Genuine low mileage, low ownership cars are in high demand and whilst this car has had a colour change in its first ten years, it does retain a high level of originality and has to be one of the most impressive driving V12’s we had for some time. The Jaguar was manufactured on the 9th August 1973 as an open two seater, right hand drive E-Type finished in Old English White with French Blue upholstery, Black hood with manual transmission. The Jaguar was distributed by Rossleigh, Newcastle but by the early 1980’s had headed South to London.

In 1981 the E-Type was in Lewisham, MOT tested at 33013 miles and a year later at 41092. By 1983 SBB 25M was back in the North of England, tested at 44185 miles and since then the car has been in North Leeds with just one owner. MOT records have been kept with the car so we can track the low mileage throughout the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's to the present mileage of 67000. A meticulous file of records have been kept with the car so we know exactly how well this car has been maintained over the past 35 years.

Many receipts and invoices are present for regular maintenance and service work throughout the past 35 years and its clear the Jaguar has been maintained with no expense spared. The cars long term owner has relied on recommendations by just a handful of specialists in order to be kept totally on the button and in strong mechanical condition. Over the past 3000 miles and ten years or so, notable expenditure includes new fuel hoses, new manifolds and studs, new power steering pump, new clutch master and slave cylinder, new cooling fan motor, new ignition kit and the rear axle unit has been removed, totally stripped down, shot blasted, re-painted and completely rebuilt. The E-Type has also been treated to a new mohair hood, refurbished hood frame and £12000 was spent in 2016 on a full re-paint with a Harrogate based classic car specialist.

We are pleased to offer SBB 25M onto the market at a very sensible price considering this is a low mileage, low ownership, superb driving manual V12 Roadster. The car is outstanding to drive and is particularly fast with an exceptionally strong, fit V12 engine holding excellent oil pressure. SBB 52M is truly outstanding on the road, the power steering is effortless, braking and handling are superb and the four speed all syncro gearbox is perfect. The recently rebuilt rear axle is quiet, the exhaust note is fabulous and the car is incredibly enjoyable to drive. Having had a recent re-paint, the paintwork is of a superb standard with good quality, excellent, straight panels, chrome work is bright, the car still rides on its original steel wheels and the mohair hood is as new. The interior and engine bay are serviceable and presentable and without major expenditure can be improved. Affordable, open top matching numbers, manual E-Type's with excellent history are not always easy to find so this car really does offer an excellent opportunity for a superb driving, ready to enjoy, genuine car.

Price: £79,995