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1962 Jaguar E-Type Series One 3.8 FHC

This UK matching numbers E-Type was manufactured on the 31st May 1962 and left the factory in Carmen Red. This early E-Type 3.8 FHC was distributed from Henlys Limited, London and the original supplying dealer was Kingscote & Stephens, Gloucester. 6691 FH is the vehicles original registration mark and the car comes with a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust certificate confirming all original details and a comprehensive history file detailing expenditure over recent years.

This is a beautiful example, certainly worthy of winning shows and events. The car has been rebuilt to a very high standard and the condition is exceptional throughout the car. The rust free bodyshell is outstanding and bonnet and door gaps are excellent. The paint finish is first class and the engine bay has been detailed superbly. The E-Type is as one would expect having been treated to a bare shell restoration. The chrome work is all superb and the 72 spoke 6.5" chrome competition wire wheels are new.  The interior has been beautifully re-trimmed and the leather looks brand new. The carpets, headlining, dashboard, dials, door cards and webasto sunroof are all in excellent condition.

6691 FH does not drive like the average early E-Type, the car has some wonderful modifications making this an incredible car to drive. Like many early E-Type's, the brakes have been upgraded to four pot callipers and a Kenlowe fan and Luminition system have been fitted. £3700 has been spent on a FABS E-Type Ltd 5 speed gearbox which is a completely new gearbox specifically made for the classic Jaguar range. The very impressive gearbox is a new design incorporating new gear sets and the gearbox uses the standard MOSS stud pattern and spigot, the main case and tail housing are manufactured from aircraft grade billet alloy and the box is much quieter in service.  The gear lever is also in the correct position and looks standard making this a very attractive upgrade. Driving the E-Type and changing through the gears is wonderful, it is perfectly smooth with no rattles or vibrations, truly faultless and ideal for  longer distance journeys in an E-Type. Further upgrades include a £1600 complete new stainless steel exhaust system including manifolds. The E-Type has a superb exhaust note enhancing the enjoyable driving experience. Since restoration, one previous owner  has spent in the region of £14000 on the car and this includes seven years of maintenance, servicing to include new ball joints and track rode ends. The E-Type only covered 2500 miles from 2001-2012 and we sold the E-Type in late 2012 to a local customer who intended using the car for long distance touring. Since last selling the E-Type, 8000 faultless miles have been covered. On one occasion the E-Type toured France. Belgium. Luxembourg, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. The car performed superbly and was tested over the Alps dealing with high gradients without fault. Over this one trip 6691 FH covered 2000 miles. Between late 2012 and 2014, in the region of £15000 has been spent ensuring this is one of the most superbly set up and top class driving early E-Types we've seen in recent years. Recent work includes a rebuilt cylinder head (over £4,000 alone) with new cam followers, valve springs, camshaft bearings, re-lined valves etc. Preparation prior to European touring included all new wheel cylinders and thousands of pounds have been spent on detail improvements such as a new headlining, door panels, rear arch covers and rear 1/4 panels. Invoices for all recent work are with the car.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase an increasingly sought after UK 3.8 FHC with matching numbers that now has proven reliability for long distance touring. The car has been superbly rebuilt and almost £30,000 has been spent since rebuild to ensure this is the ideal car for touring. Not only is it an outstanding car to drive, it is quite simply stunning in presentation and one of the most attractive early cars we've seen in quite some time.

Price: £SOLD