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1964 Jaguar E-Type Series One 3.8 FHC

ACM 288B was manufactured on the 5th May 1964, distributed from Henlys Manchester and was supplied new by Argyle Motors in Birkenhead. This 3.8 FHC was first owned by a Birkenhead based Company Veco Products and today still retains its original Merseyside registration mark ACM 288B. Within the Veco stable of businesses was the ‘Peco’ exhausts brand, which became the highly popular ‘bolt on’ performance brand from the early 1960’s, based from their premises in Sandford Road, Birkenhead. Peco was at the height of its’ popularity in this period and grew to become one of the best established brands in the UK, with a regularity presence in the motoring press. The E Type was registered to the company and quickly became a showcase for Peco’s products and was seen in the June 1968 edition of Hot Car Magazine wearing a pair of twin pipe silencers. We can confirm this lovely, usable example is a matching numbers car, retaining its original engine and many original features including its four speed Moss gearbox. We have found genuine original UK RHD supplied examples with matching numbers incredibly sought after this is a top class driving example that can be used and driven with confidence.

This early E-Type is a very well presented, strong car and earlier in 2016 had a programme of light re-commissioning that has put the car in fabulous shape. Being an older restoration dating back to the 1990's, it has required careful maintenance in order to keep it in such excellent, strong condition. The E-Type was had some major work to include removal of the rear axle cage and propshaft. The differential output seals were replaced, as was the pinion oil seal, handbrake pads and new V mount brackets were fitted. The rear cage was rebuilt and painted prior to re-fitting to the vehicle. The sump was removed, the timing case oil seal replaced and the sump re-fitted with a new gasket. A new temperature sender unit and bulkhead heater pipes were fitted, the triple SU carburettors were balanced and set up and new engine mountings were fitted. The brakes and suspension units were checked and any parts replaced as required and various cosmetic improvements to include new carpets, sill chromes and sill covers were carried out. The E-Type comes with a comprehensive history file detailing various works over recent years. In 2011 a Jaguar specialist overhauled the suspension, rebuilt carburettors, re-conditioned various parts of the coolant system and replaced brake pipes at the cost of over £4500. More recently in 2014 over £2000 to include new crank damper, crank pulley, various hoses, seals, speedo drive and rebuilt starter motor.

ACM 288B is very usable car that is impressive on the road. The original 3.8 six cylinder unit starts up with no hesitation, runs perfectly cold and warm and holds very good oil pressure. The E-Type feels strong, powerful and on the road offers superb performance. The engine has been very well maintained and has had regular upkeep and is efficient, clean and sounds fabulous. The four speed Moss gearbox changes up and down smoothly, has all the usual characteristics expected of the early E-Type and really adds to the driving experience. This Jaguar handles beautifully, no surprise when reading the recent work and brakes and steering are sharp, responsive and correct. The car presents nicely with lovely older paintwork still retaining a deep shine, panels gaps are very good throughout, chrome work is very impressive and the underside is body colour and stunning. The upholstery is fabulous with good quality leather, stunning carpets, headlining and smart dashboard. The boot area is nicely presented and the engine bay just right for a sharp car that can be used on a regular basis. This is an ideal drivers car, it would be perfect for long distance touring and has been thoroughly checked over in recent history. It clearly benefits from having had a very high quality restoration dating back to the 1990's and the quality still comes through when not only looking at the car, but driving it too. This is a rare opportunity to get into the early E-Type market with a UK supplied matching numbers car that is priced sensibly and will no doubt over time prove a superb investment.

Price: £SOLD