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1967 Jaguar E-Type Series One 4.2 FHC

This magnificent Series One E-Type FHC is exceptional in every respect. Several experts in the E-Type field have inspected and worked on this car which has to be one of the best Coupe's we have had in recent years. The starting point of this car is the exceptional, rust free bodyshell which has stunning, sixteen year old paintwork. Since a full, nut and bolt rebuild with photographic evidence from 1991-1994, this Series One car has had over £16,000 spent on further improvements and upgrades. Less than 5,000 miles have been covered since the rebuild.

This E-Type was manufactured on the 23rd September 1966 and was supplied new by Jaguar Cars, New Jersey. This matching numbers car was brought to the UK and professionally converted to RHD and UK specification and rebuilt to the highest of standards between 1991 and 1994. Prior to coming to the UK, the E-Type was in California and whilst it cannot be guaranteed, the last U.S owner has confirmed the mileage of 25,000 on arrival in the UK was genuine. The detailed photographic record of the rebuild is with the car and available for inspection along with a folder full of invoices and the UK MOT certificates. The first UK owner spent a fortune on restoration and very rarely had opportunity to use the car, hence the low mileage since rebuild.

The last owner bought the car in 2007 and searched the country looking at many examples. The criteria was an E-Type Coupe with an exceptional bodyshell that had been restored to the highest of standards. On buying the car, the new owner was aware it would need some money spending on it mechanically due to the lack of use. Also, several upgrades were in mind. Below is a list of the upgrades since 2007.

Electronic Ignition
Hi Torque starter motor
Electronic Fuel Pump
Upgraded brake servo
Period Motorola push button radio with CD connection and AM radio
Stainless Steel Exhaust
Zeus Four Pot callipers and vented front discs
New front suspension and shocks
Dinitrol cavity wax injection and underbody seal
Upgraded cooling fan

Below is the list of improvements;

Upper rear door panel fitted to match trim
Underdash harduras fitted to match trim
All tailgate runners now fitted
All Heatshields and stoneguards are now correct
All tappets adjusted with new shims
New Radiator Hoses
New track rod ends
New rear brake pistons
New splined hubs all round
New wheel bearings
All perished seals replaced
New brake master cylinder
New brake light switch
Rear lights rechromed - now perfect
New rear bumper overriders - now perfect
New clutch slave cylinder
All perished bushes replaced
New fuel tank sender unit
New wiring loom
New headlamp chromes
New throttle linkage
New Indicator unit
Engine mounts replaced
New horn mechanism 

The condition of the E-Type today is quite simply outstanding. The car has not been taken out in the rain with the last owner and as a result the underneath is immaculate. The body is excellent and the paintwork still fabulous after sixteen years since restoration. The under bonnet area is presented beautifully and whilst not concours, it wouldn't take much to reach that level. The interior is like new and it has been trimmed to the highest of standards. Given the level of detail gone into this car, we can say with full confidence that the car is mechanically 'right' with a superb engine with excellent oil pressure, excellent gearbox and no mechanical problems.

Very hard to find better at this price.

Price: £SOLD