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1965 Jaguar E-Type Series One 4.2 Roadster

This magnificent Jaguar E-Type Series One 4.2 Roadster has had over £110,000 spent on having a top class nut and bolt rebuild carried out. EDC 125C had £105,000 spent between 2002 and completion in 2009 and has covered just 1,500 miles since. Prior to 2002, over £5,000 was spent on the first stage of restoration but the project was put on hold and the car subsequently sold. EDC 125C was supplied new by Jaguar Cars New York, was manufactured on the 29th April 1965 and shipped back to the UK during the early 1990's in need of restoration.

In 2002, the E-Type was taken to the highly recommended Heritage Classics in Middlesbrough for what can only be described as a full, major restoration. Over seven years, the car was fully stripped, taken apart and fully rebuilt from the ground up to a top class standard. Invoices for the £105,000 of expenditure are all with the vehicle with detailed job cards and labour sheets detailing the areas requiring the most work. As you would expect at this cost, the tub was totally rebuilt with new panels, then prepared and re-painted to the highest of standards. Every part of this vehicle has had care, attention and detail, and the number of hours worked on the car are into the thousands. Having had the body and frame rebuilt, every mechanical component was checked and either cleaned, replaced or re-conditioned. The engine was stripped, the gearbox and differential stripped, all the brakes, suspension and steering rebuilt. The fuel system was replaced, a new wiring harness fitted, all new bright work and chrome fitted, a brand new leather interior fitted. Brand new chrome wire wheels, a brand new hood and tyres were also fitted to the car. The engine bay was put back together with the ultimate care and attention with the results of a show standard engine bay there to see on completion. The boot compartment and spare wheel compartment are presented as new, as is the underside of the car having being painted Red. The underside is immaculate, like the day it left the factory and all components visible from the underside look pristine.

Having only covered 1500 miles since completion, the E-Type still presents as one would expect after such a programme of work. The bodywork is truly stunning with exceptional panel fit, the paint finish is pristine and the chrome work gleams like new. The upholstery is first class and unmarked, the hood is still as new and all the glass is excellent. The engine bay is outstanding with a gleaming bulk head and space frame. The engine was nicely detailed after rebuild and is a beautiful clean unit. The car has been restored with absolutely no expense spared and is true credit to its restorer. Having spent the majority of the past five years in the garage stored away with limited use on the road, now is the time for someone to really enjoy this E-Type and at least tour the UK if not take it over into Europe.  Having had such a high level of work, this is a car now ready to drive anywhere and we can confirm the Jaguar is absolutely first class to drive. EDC 125C is unbelievable to drive with an outstanding engine and gearbox and the car handles and rides better than one would expect when new. There are no rattles, knocks or concerns; it's truly wonderful to drive and offers impressive power, performance and is something very, very special. We don't see E-Type Roadsters like this very often and are delighted to be able to offer this car onto the market.

Price: £SOLD