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1974 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster Manual

This very smart E-Type was imported from the U.S in 1990 and converted to right hand drive. Apart from the steering conversion, the car appears very original with an honest level of quality. The E-Type looks very well maintained and has a lovely patina with good quality older paintwork, a very
smart original upholstery and an engine bay that will clean up to an impressive standard. The underside of the bonnet is excellent, as is the bulk head and scuttle area. The last owner kept the car from a substantial length of time, buying the car with a guaranteed mileage. Today the mileage recorded is still under 49,000 with an engine holding as new oil pressure. The engine feels and sounds exceptional and clearly has had little work to do. The manual gearbox functions perfectly and comes down the gears as smoothly as it goes up.

The V12, being the last and most modern of all E-Type's has not always been the purists favourite, but over the past eighteen months we have found the V12 to be a fantastic seller and is the model we have had the highest volume
of sales with. We find people like the modern comforts such as power steering with the V12, and with flared wheel arches and a more aggressive grille, the Series III does look more of a force on the road. Becoming more and more popular, and looking increasingly better value.

Price: £SOLD