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1949 Jaguar MK IV 2.5 Saloon

This stunning Jaguar 2.5Litre Saloon was built on the 9th February 1949. Supplied new by Wales & Edwards of Shrewsbury the car was finished in Black with pigskin hide upholstery. The Jaguar was despatched on the 28th February and was first registered to a Mr R.E. Bosworth.

Described by many as the MKIV, this was never an official Jaguar designation. The company we know as Jaguar started life as The Swallow Sidecar Company, later including coach building before changing in 1933 to SS Cars Ltd. This model was the  first to bear the Jaguar name, the name SS with all its negative wartime connotations being dropped for marketing  reasons after the war. For many enthusiasts, this shape is the epitome of late 1930s British car design. The sweeping lines, large separate headlamps and leather interior with highly polished wood definitely evoke the pre-war period in spite of the fact that this example dates from the late 1940s. The drive for export dollars and acute shortage of post-war steel, meant that the vast majority of these cars were sold in America. In austerity Britain the Jaguar was an exclusive car for the very rich.  America in February 1949 experienced no such austerity and two days before our car was built, Joe DiMaggio became the first $100,000 a year baseball player (NY Yankees). They were a rare sight in these islands when new and are now rare indeed. The MKIV designation was used later, mainly to describe the predecessor of the Jaguar MKV.

We know this Jaguar was exported to Holland during the late 1970's and in 2000 the car was totally stripped down and rebuilt. We have several photographs of the restoration work. The car has been part of a small collection and has had very little use in recent years. In 2011 the car was re-registered in the UK and has had one owner since returning. Over the past two years several hundred miles have been covered in the car.

The Jaguar drives superbly with a strong engine holding good oil pressure. The Moss gearbox also feels strong with nice changes and the steering and general handling feel tight and correct. Performance is eager and impressive for a car of this period and size and it offers a truly satisfying driving experience. It has a large and imposing presence, with gleaming chrome work to the front of the car and deep black over silver paintwork which really complements the shape of this model. There is a top quality feel throughout this motor car and on opening doors; the wonderful smell of the original leather clearly indicates what an honest, original car it is in many respects. The interior feels correct, the dashboard and gauges are lovely, the carpets are of good quality and the headlining new. The leather has a nice level of patina and has aged very well.

Price: £SOLD