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1958 Jaguar MKI 2.4 Manual with Overdrive

This stunning Jaguar MKI with original registration mark 63 PMF has been driven to us from Jersey. The car has a wonderful feel of originality although it has been subject of a major body restoration in recent years. The interior is highly original; the car is in original factory specification and retains its original handbook, tax disc from 1975 and has a well-documented file of restoration work.

Several years ago the Jaguar was taken back to bare metal and the totally original shell rebuilt. The body was treated to brand new wings and closing panels and fitted with replacement spats. The underbody was treated to brand new jacking points, inner and outer sills; front chassis cross member, ‘crow's feet', bumper irons and chassis rails were re-metalled and renewed. The rear valance was replaced, rear arches treated to new metal, the rear spring carriers were re-metalled and the whole of the underside waxoyled on completion. The bare shell with windows removed was taken to bare metal and treated to a full high quality re-paint. New rubber seals were fitted on build up and various bright work re-chromed.

Mechanically the car was also rebuilt and this included new front brakes, uprated with Volvo 240/60 calipers. All new flexi pipes were fitted, front wheel bearings replaced, the handbrake mechanism serviced and the rear brakes renewed with original pattern round pistons and pads with depth gauge pins.  A new brake master cylinder was fitted and the clutch master cylinder treated to new seals and the slave cylinder replaced. A new fuel pump was fitted, carburettors were stripped, cleaned and adjusted and the Panhard rod assembly replaced, rear axle pinion oil seal replaced and new rear springs fitted. The 2.4 litre engine was rebuilt, the water pump re-conditioned and new coolant hoses fitted. The lovely original interior was cleaned, the dash top re-veneered and a new steering wheel was fitted.

Since completion the Jaguar MKI has had low use but when driven, it has been totally reliable and has proven capable of long distance touring. The Jaguar is happy cruising on the motorway with working overdrive, brilliant for the country lanes and feels strong, powerful and very usable. The engine is very quiet with excellent oil pressure and the car keeps correct temperature. The Moss gearbox changes nicely up and down the gearbox and the car handles very well. A few years on since restoration and the paintwork still holds a lovely, deep, gleaming shine and the body is excellent, straight and very smart. The chrome work is very smart, the original leather has been beautifully kept, carpets are excellent and the car still retains its original headlining after 57 years. This is a very usable, honest MKI that has had a fortune spent on restoration but still retains a great deal of originality. 

Price: £SOLD