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Price: £39,995

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1962 Jaguar MKII 3.4 Manual with Overdrive

This is a brilliant car, a truly top class driving MKII we have known for many years now. It is a low ownership Australian car, and since been in the UK has had a fortune spent mechanically enabling it to successfully tour in Europe and prove an exceptionally reliable car for the thousands of miles of touring its done in the UK. This MKII 3.4 was manufactured on the 23rd September 1962 and supplied new by dealership Bryson to a Doctor in Sydney and from the Heritage Certificate we can confirm the original engine is still with the car. The MKII stayed in New South Wales for most of its life and in 1995 its elderly one owner stopped driving the car and parked it in a warm, dry shed.

The Jaguar was parked up dry stored from 1995 to 2011 and was then treated to all new fluids, a new battery and some fresh fuel. Now up and running, it was sold to a well-known professional restorer in Brisbane who continued to work on the car, treating it to a full re-paint, fitting Coombs spats, new rubbers and carrying out various re-chroming. The excellent, solid underside was cleaned and re-sprayed with underbody deadener and the car improved with upgrades to include power steering, Willwood four piston brake calipers, and Gaz adjustable shock absorbers. Other mechanical work included re-coring the radiator and rebuilding the carburettors. One other important upgrade in Australia was the fitting of a later all syncro four speed Jaguar gearbox with overdrive improving the driving experience further.

The Jaguar was brought to the UK in 2015 and since then has had two owners, supplued both times by ourselves and over £22000 has been spent on taking it to a very high standard. The smartly presented interior has been improved with brand new carpets, new seat belts including mountings and a re-veneered dash top. External appearance has been improved by a brand new set of chrome wire wheels with Dunlop tyres and a brand new radiator grill. The most major work carried out recently is a total engine strip down and rebuild to include new pistons, bearings, oil pump and re-ground crankshaft. The differential was also removed and fully rebuilt, the overdrive unit replaced with a re-conditioned unit and other work included fitting a new wiper motor, new alternator, Electronic ignition, rebuilding the distributor, re-conditioning the rev counter and replacing the clutch slave cylinder. Recently the Jaguar has had a period radio with ipod connection fitted and invoices are on file for regular servicing and maintenance.

When we sold the Jaguar MKII in 2015, it had extensive mechanical work and spent two years with its first UK owner in Gloucestershire. Around 4000 miles were covered in the car, and its most notable trip was touring to Cangas de Onis in Northern Spain. The owner at the time commented how the car made easy work of the hairpin bends in both the Picos and Cantabrian mountains, covering 800 faultless miles on the one trip. Having had two years and 4000 miles of fun without incident, the MKII was faultlessly driven up to us from Gloucestershire. In 2017 we sold the Jaguar to the last owner who has covered 1300 miles in three years of ownership and it has been the very best classic car he has ever owned, proving completely reliable, always proving outstanding to drive and has been hugely admired wherever it has been. The MKII has attended events such as Malton Show, Ellerton Village Classic Car Show, Raby Castle - Classics in the Park and Howden Vintage Day. 490 UYM has regularly toured over the Wolds and of course has been enjoyed over weekends and summer months for general driving.

This is now a brilliantly prepared MKII that is ready to use and enjoy having covered over 5300 miles since coming to the UK. It drives exceptionally well with a perfect rebuilt engine holding excellent oil pressure and delivering impressive performance. The all syncro gearbox is smooth and effortless to use, the overdrive comes in and out smoothly the power steering is lovely and light, the brakes are sharp, and the suspension feels perfect. The car presents beautifully with a strong, deep paint finish and excellent straight panels. The underbody is outstanding as expected having spent most of its life in Australia. The chrome work gleams, and the interior is equally impressive with lovely Cream leather seats, excellent carpets, woodwork and smart headlining. This is a MKII Jaguar that can really be used, it can be driven with full confidence and has already proven totally reliable and much fun on the Continent touring.

Price: £39,995