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1965 Jaguar MKII 3.8 'Coombs' Spec

This outstanding 'Coombes' spec Jaguar MKII was previously sold by us in early 2015 to one of our regular customers in Worcestershire. Since selling the Jaguar it has covered many faultless miles including two trips from Yorkshire to Worcestershire and in September the MKII attended Goodwood for the 'Revival'. The MKII has performed perfectly, proven completely reliable and is outstanding fun to drive.

HAX 32C was previously fully rebuilt by a North Yorkshire Jaguar specialist for his own use and personal collection around four years ago. The MKII was subject of a bare shell restoration and was rebuilt and uprated to create very quick, comfortable and outstanding driving car capable of regular use and long distance touring. Over the past year this is exactly what the car has been used for. On completion, the restorer was asked to sell the car and after declining several times, he eventually gave in and sold the car to one of our regular customers in Preston, Lancashire. Since then, the Jaguar has covered around 3000 miles and has been sold by us on two occasions.

The MKII 3.8 engine was rebuilt, lightened and balanced with a big valve cylinder fitted with 2" carburettors. A five speed Getrag gearbox and LSD rear axle were fitted along with uprated Series III V12 E-Type brakes, poly bushed suspension and many more expensive, upgrades including power assisted steering. The upholstery was fully re-trimmed and for further comfort and luxury, XJ6 electrically adjustable seats were fitted. The exterior look of the car is further enhanced by Coombes rear spats, bonnet flutes and Minilight wheels.

The car presents in first class condition with an exceptional straight bodyshell, stunning paintwork and good quality chrome. The engine bay is superbly presented, as is the boot area. The underside is exceptionally clean and the car is ready to use and enjoy. HAX 32C is super quick and quite simply outstanding to drive. The engine is strong with excellent oil pressure, delivers brilliant acceleration and has a fantastic loud exhaust note. With the five speed gearbox, light steering and excellent handling the MKII is top class on the road. It is a car to really use and would be perfect for all year round regular use if you like something with a little more character. This car really does offer a fantastic driving experience and guarantee's to match expectations. 

Price: £SOLD