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1964 Jaguar MKII 3.8 Manual Overdrive

This stunning Jaguar MKII 3.8 was manufactured on the 15th October 1964 and distributed from Tozer Kemsley & Millbourne Limited for South Africa. The car was first owned by J C Train Co Pty and is an original manual 3.8 MKII. PTU 363B has spent the majority of its life in South Africa and was exported back to the UK in 2012. The car arrived in the UK with a recorded mileage of 12000 and whilst we cannot warrant this mileage, there are some interesting factors that contribute towards the argument of this being a low mileage, very largely original car.

Firstly, the underside of this MKII Jaguar has never required welding work. In the UK it was common to see 1960's Jaguars having bodywork warranty work carried out, they were prone to corrosion issues to find a totally original, rock solid underside is quite rare. Further to this, the Jaguar arrived in the UK in very original mechanical order and whilst it was roadworthy and usable, in the region of £18,000 was been spent on the car including stripping the engine and gearbox that highlighted very little wear. It is also nice to see the car in its original specification and colours with Old English White paintwork and correct Red Ambler 'export' model trim.

When the car first came to us in 2012 shortly after being brought into the UK, it had stunning gleaming paintwork, beautiful chrome including chrome wire wheels, and unmarked outstanding upholstery. Since then the car has been carefully owned, has covered around 2000 miles and has had a programme of mechanical work mentioned earlier. Receipts are with the car from 2013 detailing new ignition items to include plug leads, distributor cap, contact set and coil, the all syncro gearbox was removed, stripped, checked and rebuilt ensuring no oil leaks and dry seals, whilst removed it was sensible to also rebuild the overdrive unit and fit a new clutch. The Jaguar was also treated to rebuilt brake calipers, new servo, rear brake hoses and a new exhaust rear section. In 2014 the car was treated to new manifolds and front exhaust pipes and in 2015 over £10,000 was spent with a long established Jaguar specialist. This programme of work included removing and partially stripping down the engine. This engine was found to be in excellent order and mainly required work relating to lack of use. The engine was cleaned through removing any sludge, the oil bypass hose was renewed, top and bottom timing chains were renewed, engine mountings replaced, front crank oil seal replaced, new oil pump o rings fitted, the rev counter drive generator was renewed and checked and the water jacket cleaned out and core plugs all replaced and an uprated thermostat housing fitted. Further work included fitting a re-conditioned and re-bushed top steering column, the lower steering column was rebuilt and the front axle was removed enabling the suspension to be stripped down and rebuilt. The subframe was then beadblasted and re-painted and the front axle fully detailed. The suspension was treated to poly bushes, adjustable front shock absorbers, new drag links, top and bottom ball joints and new pin and bush units. The rear suspension and rear axle were treated to new rear half shafts, new poly bushed rear springs, new panhard rod bushes and new Gaz adjustable shock absorbers fitted. Other work included new wheel bearings and re-conditioning the fuel tank. Many of the parts replaced were original parts, again proving this to be a remarkably original and genuine car.

As a result of this programme of work the MKII is truly outstanding to drive. With rebuilt steering, brakes and suspension, the car handles and brakes perfectly. The engine and gearbox are top class having been stripped and re-conditioned as necessary, the engine holds excellent oil pressure, the 3.8 unit is strong powerful and delivers impressive performance. The gearbox and overdrive operate as new, changing up and down the gearbox is smooth and the overdrive come in and out smoothly. There is no doubt, this MKII drives like the very best and is right. PTU 363B still presents superbly with a stunning paint finish, impressive chrome and a wonderful clean upholstery. The floors are still painted white under carpets and insulation, the woodwork is of a lovely standard and an expensive wood rim steering wheel and modern stereo system have been fitted. The engine bay is of a very good standard, as is the boot and spare wheel well that retains the desirable tool kit. This is a very special car and it most certainly offers excellent value.

Price: £SOLD