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1948 Jaguar MKIV 3.5 DHC

This is a truly wonderful find and most certainly a car for the discerning buyer who understands the rarity, value and qualities in finding a car so original and correct. Not only is this genuine 3.5 Litre DHC Jaguar MKIV the most original 1940's or 1950 'Jaguar we have seen, it has only covered a genuine 77,000 miles from new and has never required dismantling or fully restoring and is a true time warp in strong mechanical condition. LHU 616 was first registered on 31st August 1948 and left the factory in Suede Green. It was supplied new by Western Motors (Bristol) to Benjamin Escott Fish in the affluent suburb of Redland in Bristol. The first owner was very elderly and in June 1949 the Jaguar was sold to A.W Kelly in the Ashley Down area of Bristol. Nineteen years later in 1968 the Jaguar sold to J.A Venn just a mile or two away in the Bristol 9 area. In 1970 LHU 616 was registered to its fourth owner in the City of Bath and since then the Jaguar has been owned by the same family, husband and then more recently wife. Not only is the car special in terms of its originality and mileage, the long term family ownership further enhances the desirability of this rare DHC Jaguar.

LHU 616 has a comprehensive history file that includes 29 MOT certificates dating back to 1968. The Jaguar has had brief spells off the road but was regularly used for short journeys with the mileage from the early MOT's at 74558 to today's mileage of 77,700 proving this.  We also have 30 tax discs dating back to 1953 and a Bath and West Chronicle newspaper article related to the car in 1989. Further paperwork tells us the Jaguar was entered in the Jaguar Driver's Club Concours d'elegance rally at Beaulieu in May 1992 and the vehicle took second place. The Jaguar Driver's Club correspondence from the early 1990's also confirm the car as original with special original equipment in place to include Ace wheel discs, mounted hand lamps and windtone horns.

We have receipts for various maintenance and service items over the years but the most significant invoices dates back to the 1980's when the Jaguar engine was subject of a major rebuild. The engine was totally stripped down and block was treated to new liners and new pistons. The block face was surface ground and worn camshaft bearings replaced. The crankshaft was re-ground and main and big end bearings were replaced. The timing chain was also replaced and the cylinder head was rebuilt with new valves and guides. The oil pump was stripped and rebuilt and all new gaskets fitted. Further mechanical work at this point included a new clutch, radiator, water pump rebuild and new kingpins.  We can report that today, LHU 616 drives superbly with a strong engine holding excellent oil pressure. The car cruises comfortably, handles and steers well and brakes are efficient. The four speed gearbox changes up and down smoothly and the Jaguar is a true delight to drive. Whilst covering very low mileages annually, the Jaguar has been used regularly over the past year and comes to us on the button and driving superbly.

LHU 616 has so much character, patina and honesty. It doesn't need restoring and any cosmetic improvements would potentially spoil the car. The paint is old, faded and there are areas that have had local paintwork many, many years ago. Importantly the body is excellent, strong and has straight panels and it is clear the car has had a sheltered life. It has never been left to deteriorate, get damp and has clearly spent most of its life in a dry garage. The underside is excellent, the car structurally strong and the bright work not perfect but on the whole, very good. The car has an older hood in very good order with no tears and the interior is just an absolute delight. The leather is totally original and wonderful with lovely aged creases and nicely faded colour. It looks how it should; it has the smell of original leather and is very impressive. Door cards are original, woodwork is lovely and original, the correct gauges are in excellent order and the carpets are very good. This really is a remarkable find and there are not many 1940's Jaguar's with this level of originality left.  With only around 184 genuine RHD 3.5 DHC's ever made, LHU 616, number 79 offers a wonderful opportunity for the collector and enthusiast.

Price: £SOLD