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1960 Jaguar MKIX 3.8 Automatic

This magnificent Jaguar MKIX 3.8 Automatic was manufactured on the 23rd February 1960, distributed out of Henlys, London and supplied new by Balmuir Garage Ltd to a Mr H W Norfolk in Wales where the car has spent 56 years. This very special car has only had three owners from new and the mileage of 35,800 is believed genuine and fits with the history and condition.

69 NPH was supplied new by the Wrexham dealership Balmuir Garage and the Jaguar then stayed with its first owner for 29 years. DVLA records confirm the car was not registered in 1982 and as the DVLA went onto computerised systems in 1977 we know the car had been off the road for some time. We have tax discs between 1965 and 1974 although it wasn't taxed for each of those years, just used sporadically. The second owner, this time based in South Wales bought the car in 1989 and re-commissioned it. He also had the car fully re-sprayed, changing the colour from Cornish Grey over Mist Grey to Jaguar Regency Red. The car was taxed during 1990 but was then parked up with many of his other cars for 27 years.

In 2017 the Jaguar was purchased by the Chairman of the Jaguar MKVII/VIII/MKIX Register requiring re-commissioning after almost three decades off the road. The car was thoroughly inspected and there was no evidence of any welding work found on the body. The Jaguar was then treated to a brake overhaul that included new stainless steel inserts in the calipers, new brake discs all round and the brake servo and master cylinder were overhauled. The carburettors were rebuilt, the petrol tanks cleaned out, two new electronic fuel pumps installed and the cooling system overhauled. New exhaust manifolds and a stainless steel exhaust system were fitted, two new twelve volt batteries purchased and all tyres replaced with new. The bumpers and over-riders were re-chromed and any reacted areas of paintwork bare metalled and re-painted to ensure a top class finish.

Since being put back on the road 69 NPH has covered 700 faultless, trouble free miles and has arrived with us in wonderful condition. The car is beautifully detailed with stunning paintwork, excellent bodywork and the underside has never required welding work due to the fact most of the cars life has been in dry storage. The chrome gleams, the engine bay is very well presented, and the boot compartment is immaculate. Both door tool kits are present and correct and the upholstery is top class and largely original. The Red leather seats have beautifully aged, woodwork is excellent and carpets and headlining are lovely. On the road the Jaguar is superb with impressive performance, smooth automatic gear changes and having been so recently re-commissioned it's absolutely right.

Price: £SOLD