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1951 Jaguar MKV 3.5 DHC

JJW 591 was manufactured on the 29th June 1951. The DHC was despatched on the 12th July and supplied new by Attwoods and first registered on the 29th August 1951. This Jaguar MKV was owned by Chartered Accountants Richard Place & Co of East Grinstead, Sussex and according to the brown 'buff' logbook changed hands in 1960, staying in East Grinstead. The new owner reportedly used the Jaguar until 1975 and then stored the car until 1991. In 1991 the Jaguar changed hands within the same town again and after 16 years off the road, was subject of a £22,000 restoration. In 1997 the Jaguar left East Grinstead for London, selling with a guaranteed mileage of 39,920 miles.

The Jaguars restoration was carried out by a specialist in the South West and the level of work has been very well documented. The £22000 expenditure included a full professional re-trim, chrome plating, new glass, door handles, rear lights, chrome strips, hinges, rubber matting and chrome strips to running boards, door locks and all new rubbers. The wings, running boards and boot lid were removed and the Jaguar body was fully stripped down and repainted. Mechanical work included fitting a new exhaust system, new shock absorbers, all new suspension bushes, steering rubbers and gaiters and engine and gearbox mountings. Bump stops were replaced, all hoses replaced and all new ignition items were replaced. The 3.5 litre engine was rebuilt with new main and big end bearings and new piston rings. The timing chain was replaced and the gearbox dismantled. The wiring loom was replaced and various other work was included as part of the comprehensive rebuild. After changing hands in 1997, the new owner in London spent a further £4000 plus on various detailing and further improvement.

JJW 591 presents beautifully with high quality paintwork and an excellent straight bodyshell. The panels are perfectly straight, the door gaps are excellent and the lines of the car are quite simply outstanding. The chrome work is of a high standard and the hood is very smart and fits superbly. The leather upholstery is still in exceptional condition many years since being re-trimmed and the carpets and woodwork are excellent. The gauges are all correct and function, the steering wheel and door handles are in very good condition and the overall fine detail of the car is superb. The Jaguar MKV is exceptionally clean underneath and has clearly been very well preserved.

On the road JJW 591 is delightful with a fabulous strong engine holding excellent oil pressure. The performance of the 3.5 litre engine is impressive and the Jaguar cruises comfortably at 60-70mph. The four speed gearbox is slick and changes perfectly and the steering is very direct. The Jaguar has comes to us in strong mechanical condition and is ideal for long distance and overseas touring. The car is quiet, comfortable, luxurious, powerful and a wonderful driving experience whether the hood is up or down. The Jaguar now records a mileage of 45,000 and in recent years has attended several events in Lincolnshire and Norfolk. The car has also collected awards at Jaguar Driver's Club meets. Accompanying the car is impressive and valuable tool kit, Heritage Certificate, 'buff' logbook, MOT's back to 1997 and comprehensive restoration and maintenance file.

Price: £SOLD