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1951 Jaguar MKV 3.5 DHC

This wonderful Jaguar MKV 3.5 Litre DHC was manufactured in the 21st December 1950, dispatched on the 19th January 1951 from Henlys Limited, London and supplied new through Personal Export Delivery. We are pleased to report this is an original matching numbers car that is still in its correct colours of Suede Green paintwork with Suede Green upholstery. Matching numbers provenance and factory correct specification make this rare, desirable car an ideal opportunity for both collectors and enthusiasts. Factory correct examples are becoming increasingly difficult to find and an increase in demand for provenance has been evident in the market. Making this car even more desirable is the fact that over the past five months the car has had in the region of £20,000 of expenditure ensuring the car is in mechanically excellent condition and that the body, frame, underside and paint finish are excellent as one would expect of such a magnificent, impressive motor car. Adding to this, the Jaguar also comes with an exceptional history file with a mass of correspondence dating back to the early 1970's. We also know from the extensive file the Jaguar was subject of a major restoration in 1991/1992 with invoices present detailing thousands of pounds worth of expenditure.

In late 2015 the Jaguar MKV was checked over and a report revealed that highlighted the need for a programme of mechanical work. The Jaguar required various work to the braking system and has now had new wheel cylinder cup seals and re-lined brake shoes. A new exhaust system at the cost of almost £1000 alone was fitted and the manifolds sent to specialists for re-conditioning. The ball joint boots have all been replaced, as were track rod rubbers and the steering box subject of work. Further work included replacing aged heater hoses, radiator hoses, the radiator cap seals, fuel pipes and the sump gasket and rocker cover gaskets were replaced curing oil leaks. Aged tyres were replaced with recommended replacements from Longstone Tyres at the cost of almost £1000 and the washer pump and door lock and handle replaced. A full brake service with fluid change was required and a Millers Oil change including gearbox and differential carried out. Wiring work was also carried out to ensure all electrics were working correctly.

Having had a programme of mechanical work carried out, the Jaguar was stripped down with the removal of bright work and windscreen. All wheels were removed and inner arches and wings checked, the underside was fully cleaned off, checked over and the chassis found to be very strong. Paint was removed from the vehicle and areas with micro-blistering were taken down to bare metal. Any corrosion found on the body was removed and the car then fully prepared ahead of a full re-paint. The Jaguar MKV was fully re-painted to a high standard and the car re-fitted with brand new wing piping. The underside was treated to waxoyling and the engine bay detailed. The door shut areas were also prepared and painted, as was the boot area and wheels. Detail work included painting the chrome hub caps correctly, preparing and re-painting the wheels and Framptons supplied correct sized white digit number plates.

This stunning Jaguar MKV now presents superbly on the body with an exceptional paint finish and lovely straight panels with very good gaps. The frame work has all been checked and we can confirm the car is structurally excellent. The chrome work is of a very good standard and the Jaguar stands correct and has a large, imposing and very impressive look to it. The interior has nicely aged with good quality carpets, smart, clean upholstery and lovely woodwork. All dashboard gauges work correctly and many original items such as the steering wheel are in place and in lovely order. The MKV is a true delight to drive with the lovely strong 3.5 litre engine holding excellent oil pressure. The gearbox is a superb to use and brakes, steering and suspension are all sharp ensuring the driving experience is first class in every respect. The wonderful MKV cruises gracefully with first class performance, luxury and character.

Price: £SOLD