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1965 Jaguar S'Type 3.8 Manual with Overdrive

This is without doubt the very best Jaguar S'Type we have had the pleasure of selling. Not only has it only covered 500 miles since a three year nut and bolt rebuild, but it has had the finest level of care and detail lavished over it that is so often overseen towards the final stages of a major programme of work. The car has been rebuilt by a Jaguar expert initially for himself, therefore thousands of hours of work have gone into this car, many more than could be charged or invoiced as the cost would not be viable to most private individuals when considering value of the end product. The car is now a potential show winner and when looking at values of MKII Jaguars in this condition, it looks incredibly good value and attractive at the price. Further to this, a full restoration to this standard would likely cost in excess of £60,000 so we are delighted to offer this unique opportunity.

The car was manufactured on the 18th November 1965 and delivered new to its first owner, Mr P Lorne on the 3rd January 1966. The Jaguar was supplied new by Henlys, Euston Road, London and serviced in its early life by Coombes of Guilford. We have some early service history at 1067, 3415, 5219, 18515 and 31796 miles in 1969. Little is known of the cars midlife history though the car reputedly belonged to an Italian diplomat who regularly drove the car from Britain to Italy and back. In 1979 the S was exported to California and we have records of workshop receipts at 72000, 74028 and 74670 miles in 1981. The car was re-imported back to the UK in 1990 in need of restoration and over 22 years various specialists worked on the car but the project was never completed with this long term owner. The engine had been overhauled, a new trim kit has been purchased and the front and rear suspension has been overhauled. The bodywork had been stripped down and re-painted but in 2012 was sold to a local Jaguar specialist in a dismantled state.

A programme of work to complete the rebuild was started in 2012. The engine and gearbox were removed, any previously fitted trims were removed and the car stripped back to a bare shell. All paint was stripped off, the body taken back to bare metal and the complete bodyshell prepared and painted in Jaguar Indigo Blue. The shell was found to be in outstanding condition, a good base for any top class restoration. The car was built up with re-chromed brightwork, new seals and fixings, a brand new Webasto sunroof and headlining was fitted at a cost of £2100 alone, a new wiring loom was installed, all woodwork re-veneered and lacquered, the interior re-trimmed with extra sound deadening, all electric components such as heater motor, wiper motor were overhauled and all instruments were stripped, cleaned and overhauled. The car was treated to new fuel tanks, senders and fuel pumps, new shock absorbers and 'Coombes' style springs to the front were fitted to transform handling, the braking system was overhauled, the gearbox and overdrive were rebuilt and the carburettors and distributor were overhauled. All engine bay components were polished, a new set of chrome wire wheels and tyres fitted and hours of detail work carried out to ensure door locks work, instruments read accurately, auto choke works correctly, heater works as well as possible, indicator switch self-cancelling works and making sure the pedals are at the correct height to make sure the driving experience is truly the best. Further special touches include headlamps being upgraded to Halogen but with original style lenses in place, all working interior lights, working instrument lights with correct filters in place and colour matched seat belts with Jaguar logos on buckles.

Now completed, the car is truly delightful and it looks and is outstanding. The underside is beautifully presented and is exceptionally clean, the bodywork and paintwork stunning with excellent straight panels and a gleaming finish. The chrome is first class, the engine bay and boot show standard with tools and tool kit present, the interior is beautifully finished with high quality leather, woodwork, carpets and headlining. This is a car for the discerning buyer and driving the car will not disappoint with excellent performance, handling and braking. From the list of work carried out, the attention to detail and time taken, there is no doubt this is one of the best driving S'Type's available. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a top class example that can be used for long distance touring or kept in the garage waiting for the show season to begin.

Price: £SOLD