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1981 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series III

This stunning Jaguar XJ6 has to be the finest example we have had the pleasure of owning. This wonderful motor car has only covered 25,000 miles from new. The attention to detail is superb with an engine bay worthy of winning shows. The interior is immaculate, as you would expect on a car almost brand new.

Sony Broadcast Ltd in Hampshire bought the car brand new from Jaguar and for two years the car was used by one of the Company's Managing Directors. In 1993, Sony actually gave the car to the then widow of the former Managing Director as a gift. The vehicle had only covered around 15,000 miles and was only used briefly in 1984 before being dry stored for twelve years. In 1996 one of the owner's sons then put the car back on the road taking the mileage to 24,000 before the car finally sold in 2009. In 1996-1997 over £2000 was spent on re-commissioning which included the replacement of both fuel tanks, fuel pump, fuel filter and new exhaust system. More recently in 2008, the Jaguar was treated to some substantial brake work.

On the road the Jaguar is just delightful as you would expect with such little mileage. The engine is perfect and the car cruises with ultimate comfort and luxury. All the electrics work including the clock, the car is just outstanding. The original steel wheels, steering wheel and gear stick are all with the car along with the full, complete tool kit and comprehensive history file.

A stunning car that will be hard to repeat.

Price: £SOLD