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1970 Jaguar XJ6 Series I 4.2 Manual with Overdrive

We have known 3225 MY for many, many years now and it is a truly magnificent example with a fine mix of upgrades, originality, provenance and importantly, it is truly outstanding to drive. The Jaguar now records 56,000 miles which is believed to be genuine. The car was with one lady owner on the South Coast from 1985 to the late 1990’s when it was sold to Stephen Battye of Skopos, The Yorkshire Motor Museum with a mileage recorded at just 37,715.

From 1998 to 2005 the Jaguar was completely rebuilt and whilst it was to be exhibited in the museum, it was also regularly used and serviced every 3000 miles. The rebuild was carried out to a very high standard, the body was fully stripped down, all glass was removed and the body rust proofed, fully re-painted and built up. The headlining was replaced, the rest of the interior left totally original. The 2.8 litre Jaguar was notoriously known for problems so a completely rebuilt 4.2 Jaguar engine was fitted to the car and the final drive unit was changed to a 3.31:1 limited slip differential unit. The Jaguar was treated to new brake discs, brake linings, flexi hoses, new wheel bearings, springs, shock absorbers, bushes and universal joints. The fuel tanks were re-conditioned, new fuel pumps, sender units and headlamps also fitted.

In 2011 the Jaguar left the prominent Yorkshire collection with 53,000 miles and we sold the XJ6 to a classic car collector in Kent. We did not see the car again until 2017, noticing it advertised in Cambridgeshire with the mileage now 2000 further on. Knowing the car as well as we did, we immediately bought the car and one of our team drove the XJ faultlessly back from the Cambridge area. On arrival back with us in Yorkshire, we immediately sold the car to one of our long term customers who wanted to improve the car even further and take it to a whole new level, now twelve years on from completion of the restoration.

In 2017 and early 2018, in the region of £17,000 was spent on the car. This included re-chroming the bumpers, over-riders and grill. The bodywork was thoroughly checked over and found to be outstanding. The underside is exceptional with superb floors, so the only work required was purely cosmetic. Some detailed paintwork was carried to ensure the car looked as sharp as when restored. The underside was waxoyled, cavity wax injected as required, new door mirrors fitted and the dash and door capping's stained and lacquered. Further expenditure included an electronic distributor, new sports coil, re-conditioned water pump and new belt, re-conditioned radiator, re-conditioned heater matrix, new upgraded fan, new coolant hoses, waterless coolant and battery cut off switch. The XJ6 was treated to new fuel pumps, anti-roll bar D bushes, drop link bushes, front ball joint covers, subframe lower mounts, steering boots, steering rack gaiters, front brake discs, pads and calipers, rear brakes were treated to new discs, re-conditioned calipers, pads, handbrake pads and flexi hoses and the rear differential gasket was replaced. The front exhaust pipe was replaced, exhaust manifold gaskets replaced, as were HT leads, various relays and switches including the overdrive switch replaced, carburettors rebuilt and set up and all tyres replaced.

This expenditure was carried to ensure the car presented first class, and although was driven to us faultlessly from Cambridge, the idea was to have the car mechanically at is very best and completely fresh. As result, the Jaguar has proven completely reliable and a complete delight to own and drive. It handles superbly, the suspension, brakes and steering feel perfect and the strong 4.2 litre engine is smooth, powerful and holds excellent oil pressure delivering impressive performance. The four speed manual gearbox is smooth up and down the gearbox, the overdrive comes in smoothly and all gauges, controls and switches work. 3225 MY looks as good as it drives, the paintwork is fabulous, the bodyshell is incredibly sharp and the underside exceptional. The interior is smart, tidy and feels nicely aged with its original 49 year old leather seats. The engine bay is well presented, as is the boot compartment and the car comes with a good history file containing all recent invoices, handbook and dealer pack plus spare keys. This is a special car, it looks outstanding, is truly brilliant to drive and has to be one of the best and most desirable XJ6's we've had. The colour combination is excellent, and it has quality, an imposing presence and must be driven to be fully appreicated.

Price: £SOLD