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1989 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible

A15 XJS must be the very best we’ve had the pleasure of selling. This top-class car has covered just 25,700 miles from new and has an exceptional service history. The Jaguar was supplied new on the 4th January 1989 by Reeve & Stedford in Solihull and during the cars early life it was serviced by Sturgess of Leicester at 592, 6825, 9563, 11796 and 12457 miles. TWR in Oxford serviced and maintained the XJS at 13163, 14687, 16237, 16520, 17182, 17681, 18892, 18893 and 18959 miles in 2000. At 20340 miles Hyper Engineering Ltd serviced the XJS and replaced discs, pads and calipers and four years and 150 miles later Guy Salmon Jaguar carried out a service. The most recent owner bought the car in 2012 and Farriers Automotive Ltd, a Jaguar Land Rover Service Centre have maintained the car. It has been serviced at 21432, 23553 and 25548 miles.

Not only does this low mileage XJS has a superb service history, the last owner has invested considerable expense in ensuring it presents in top class condition and is mechanically exceptional. Since 2012 £10,500 has been spent on work to include new suspension bushes, re-conditioning the cooling system, replacing the steering rack, re-gassing air-conditioning, new bonnet struts, new brake discs and pads, new door seals, waxoyling, new window motors and regulators and the interior was re-trimmed with GB Classic Trim to ensure the car could be presented in show standard condition. The Jaguar was recently selected for the JEC Windsor Parade with HRH Prince Andrew present which is true testament to the beautiful condition.

As expected from the mileage and service history/maintenance records, this Jaguar XJS is perfect on the road. It drives superbly with wonderful performance from the V12 engine, the gearbox is faultless and handling, braking is first class. The bodywork is stunning with beautiful straight panels, a top-class paint finish in arguably the most desirable colour and the interior trim and the Blue Hess & Eisesenhart mohair electric roof are fantastic. Everything works correctly, the car comes with excellent supporting paperwork and everything is right in terms of condition and provenance. The private registration mark is included in the sale and we are confident this car cannot disappoint. 

Price: £SOLD