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1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

We are delighted to offer back onto the market this matching numbers, original RHD supplied Jaguar XK120 Roadster having sold it the last owner, a retired Judge based in the North Yorkshire moors back in 2012. Over the past seven years the XK has covered around 3000 miles and has been in regular summer use and has been maintained to the highest of standards with receipts over this period totalling £8,000. Prior to coming to us in 2012, the XK was owned by another one of our long term customers, a retired West Yorkshire Textile Mill owner who enjoyed covering 1500 miles over his five years of ownership.

EAS 846 was manufactured on the 7th June 1951 and distributed by Brylaw of Melbourne, Australia. The Jaguar XK has spent most of its life in the warm climate of Australia and arrived into the back in 2002. Various Australian paperwork is with the car to include registration and licensing paperwork, Jaguar Drivers Club of SA Vehicle history document, a 1983 dealer statement when the car sold in Adelaide to its last Australian owner who kept the car in the family for 19 years before exporting the Jaguar to the UK. We also have a Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs S.A Log book recording all the XK's use between 1999 and 2002 having had a comprehensive, top class restoration. The logbook tells us the XK was regularly touring, taking trips from Adelaide to various coastline locations such as Hindmarsh Isaland, Goolwa and Goyder.

EAS 846 was subject of an outstanding rebuild over in Australia and arrived in the UK during 2007. When we first saw the car in 2012, it was clear this was one of the very best XK120 bodyshells we had ever seen. The body boasts perfect straight panels, exceptional gaps and the Old English White is gleams with a high standard finish to it. The body does appear remarkably original and certainly one of the best we've seen. The chassis is equally as impressive as the body, clearly benefitting from a dry climate environment over almost 60 years. The quality of the restoration and car must be seen to be fully appreciated. The Dark Blue re-trimmed leather upholstery is first class, the engine bay beautifully presented and on the road this car is on another level. EAS 846 is phenomenal to drive; its quick, holds the road and handles superbly, is unbelievably fit and strong and offers a subline XK driving experience. The engine holds excellent oil pressure, the Moss gearbox changes beautifully, the rear axle is quiet and from the history it would seem the car has covered less than 10,000 miles since its 1990's rebuild. Now riding on chrome wire wheels, we can confirm original steel wheels are included, as are the original spats and full weather equipment to include sidescreens , hood and tonneau.

Every aspect of this XK120 is top class and it's no surprise a photograph of the car features in the XK Maintenance and Restoration book by Bob Exelby, stating the car is in superb order. Some years on since restoration and having had twelve years in the UK, EAS 846 has nicely settled and whilst it's clearly a high quality, top class example, it is remarkably usable and somewhat of a true driver's car. Whilst this car will happily sit on show or as part of a collection, it really should be driven and used, because it really is something quite special on the road. Its now a beautifully aged restoration, its ready to tour and enjoy and finding an original RHD, matching numbers cars that matches up to the quality of this example will be difficult to repeat.


Price: £SOLD