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1960 Jaguar XK150 3.4 FHC

This is the ultimate long-distance touring Jaguar XK150 and its certainly a car to be very excited about. DB 207 is an incredibly special car and one we wanted to market prior to arriving with us. First of all, we can confirm this is indeed a matching numbers car, supplied new in the UK by JE Bird Automobiles, Lewisham, London, SE3 in a special-order colour of Metallic Blue with Light Blue trim. The Metallic Blue is the later Jaguar named Opalescent Silver Blue and we’ve never seen an XK in this colour, let alone one from the factory with this finish. The XK150 3.4 was supplied new with manual transmission with overdrive to United Friendly Insurance Co, London, SE3.

Featured in Angers Clausager' XK140/XK150 book, DB 207 is certainly a car of great provenance with an exceptionally well documented history, but even more impressive is the most recent restoration, the unbelievable drive, performance and usability. In 2012 the most recent owner bought this XK and although he drove it from Hampshire back home to North Yorkshire, the car was in need of some remedial work. Invoices for tens of thousands of pounds are with the car and work included a comprehensive body restoration and full re-paint in the cars correct colour, an engine rebuild, Guy Broad five speed gearbox (original Moss box with the car), Michelin Pilote X tyres, stainless steel exhaust system, electronic ignition, uprated clutch, DEI Titanium wrapped exhaust headers, crankshaft oil seal conversion, stainless flexi braided cam feed pipe, Coopercraft brakes, full poly bushed wishbones and anti roll bar bushes, shock absorber conversion, aluminium expansion header tank, Radtec aluminium radiator, alternator conversion, high torque starter motor, Guy Broad propshaft, Pertronix Flame thrower resin filled coil, drilled brake discs, Filter King fuel pressure regulator, Facet Red Top fuel pump, Nitrile fuel hose, aluminium fuel tank, Guy Broad steering rack, manual switching for cooling fan for carbs (useful in the South of France), Guy Broad uprated anti roll bar kit, lightened flywheel and manual conversion on the choke carb to reduce excess fuel on starting.

Having completed the refurbishment work, the XK was to be used for extensive long distance overseas touring and the car has proven exceptional for this purpose. The owners have enjoyed trips to the Artic Circle through Norway, its driven the Stelvio Pass in Italy, driven through the likes of Monte Carlo and has successfully toured throughout Europe. The modifications have enhanced this XK150 and with great expenditure and diligent research, a truly wonderful driving machine has been created. Having road tested the car on the rural roads edging towards the Yorkshire Dales, we can say with confidence the driving experience of this car will not disappoint. The car is quick, responsive, offers tight handling, sharp braking and with the effortless five speed gearbox and wonderful exhaust note, the car is just top, top class.

The condition will not disappoint either as the bodyshell is structurally outstanding with impressive straight panels, nice gaps and easy closing doors. The paint finish is top class, the odd stone chip is a reminder of what this car has been tastefully modified to do, the interior has very nicely aged with a real homely feel to it, the boot compartment is tidy with its tools present, the boot floor corrosion free and the engine bay looks nicely used with a touch of real class to it with its wrapped manifolds and other subtle modifications in place to keep the engine compartment as cool as possible when driving in 40 degrees across the South of France. Its quite clear this car is mechanically up there with the best and with its unique history and recent overseas touring, this should prove to be an incredibly sought-after car.

Price: £SOLD