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1960 Jaguar XK150 3.8 FHC

This is a truly outstanding car and most certainly an XK150 3.8 FHC of significant interest. This very late Jaguar XK150 was manufactured on the 10th June 1960, despatched on the 24th June and distributed by Henly’s Limited, London to Stubberfields Garages, St.Leonard on Sea, Sussex. PDY 840 left the factory in the special-order colour of Pippen Red with Black leather upholstery, limited slip differential and non-overdrive gearbox (now fitted with 5 speed gearbox, original gearbox with the car). This is one of only 656 cars produced in this specification and is the 102nd from last made by Jaguar.

Jaguar records show the car was purchased by Mr W.T.M Jennings of GT Jennings & Co Ltd, Camber Beach Works in Rye, Sussex and he owned the car until 1970. The XK was then sold to its second owner, a publican in a village near Towcester, Northamptonshire who kept the car for 33 years. Whilst a publican, he was also a car dealer and repairer and obtained many cars for his own personal use, PDY 840 being one of them. The third owner was based in Lancashire and having been off the road for several years, the car was sympathetically restored due to being purchased in remarkably original condition. On inspection prior to restoration the whole under body and chassis were found to have been oil sprayed regularly accounting for the remarkably well-preserved condition. The body was totally stripped down to bare metal and photographs are present showing the sensational body shell right down to metal. The condition of the body is quite remarkable for an original UK car and it was fully re-painted in its special-order colour of Pippen Red. The interior was found beautifully original with patina and did not require work and some of the chrome work was renewed. Mechanical work included some carburetion work, a new brake servo unit, ‘Kevlar' water hoses, renewed servo pipes, new clutch, clutch master cylinder, re-conditioned steering rack, new gear lever bushes, new rear axle bearings, seals, one half shaft, new over axle flexi pipe, rear brake callipers and handbrake mechanisms were cleaned, greased and re-shimmed and lock wired and new ‘Mintex' brake pads were fitted.

After five years of reliable use, the XK went further north to Edinburgh for three years and in 2013 was sold by us to the last owner, a Jaguar enthusiast based in Wiltshire who has enjoyed covering several thousand miles in the car and attending and occasionally winning shows. The XK was the People's Choice winner at the Downton Engineering Works event and two years running won Best in Class at the Bath Festival of Motoring.  Since we last sold the XK150 in 2013 it has been further improved with electronic ignition, five speed gearbox, all new chrome wire wheels and tyres and shortly before we sold the car, the beautiful original upholstery was improved with a new headlining. Over the past five years the XK has covered in the region of 4000 faultless miles and has been a delight to own.

Whilst the car was sympathetically restored in 2004, it does still retain a very original feel to it. It's remarkable the original Black leather seats are in the car and still look lovely, the whole interior is largely original and clearly indicate this has always been a car cherished and nurtured. The body is still excellent, the Pippen Red paintwork nicely mellowed fourteen years on since being re-painted and the chrome work gleams. As when we sold the car in 2013, it drives tremendously well but is further enhanced with the five speed gearbox conversion. The 3.8 engine unit delivers impressive performance, its quick, responsive, sounds wonderful and the car is ideal for long distance touring with its 3.54:1 ratio Salisbury Thornton Axle giving a 'long legged' sporty drive. PDY 840 is a great car in every respect and one we are delighted to welcome back after five years in the South West. This car will not disappoint and opportunities to find an XK in such a rare special order colour will not be easily repeatable. Not only does the car have some interesting history and provenance, it's a very correct car, as it left the factory with the exception of some sensible upgrades (original parts with the car).

Price: £SOLD