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1960 Jaguar XK150 SE 3.4 FHC

690 KVA was manufactured on the 28th April 1960 and is a genuine UK, matching numbers car. The car was distributed from Ritchies, Glasgow on the 13th May 1960 and spent most of its life in Scotland. In 2012 we collected the Jaguar north of the border and sold the XK to one of our long term customers of twenty five years, a South Yorkshire based Dentist.

During the early 1990's 690 KVA was subject of a major rebuild by one of Scotland's top restoration firms. The car was fully rebuilt mechanically, fitted with Vicarage Power Steering and the body restored then painted in Jaguar Cotswold Blue and the interior trimmed in Grey leather. Classic Restoration then winter stored the XK for almost twenty years. The XK only had summer use and just 4500 miles were covered to 2012. Since being with its most recent owner the car has covered another 1000 miles and has been subject of around £4,000 of further work to enhance the car. Vicarage Ltd supplied parts to service the power steering with a new alternator belt and power steering pump belt, Guy Broad supplied upgraded rear brakes, electronic ignition, a negative earth Facet fuel pump and poly wishbone bush set. Jaguar specialists M&C Wilkinson have stripped down the front suspension, installed new stub axles, new bearings, replaced top ball joints and re-shimmed bottom ball joints.

690 KVA comes back to totally on the button and in glorious condition. It drives superbly with a wonderful engine holding excellent oil pressure. The four speed Moss gearbox is delightful to use, the overdrive comes in smoothly and with upgraded brakes, rebuilt front suspension and Vicarage power steering the car is just fabulous to drive as expected with less than 6000 miles since rebuild. The XK presents incredibly well with a stunning glass finish. The Cotswold Blue paintwork is excellent, the body is sharp with lovely panels and chrome work including wires is very impressive. The engine bay presents well as a usable and superbly restored car and the underside is smartly presented and in excellent order. The re-trimmed upholstery has aged nicely with impressive leather, high quality carpets, headlining door cards and dashboard. This is a car that really does drive as well as it looks and should prove a fabulous purchase.


Price: £SOLD