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1974 Jensen Interceptor III

We are delighted to offer this exceptional low mileage Jensen Interceptor onto the market. WLX 659M has covered less than 48,000 miles from new and is in outstanding condition throughout. The car presents superbly with first class paintwork, chrome and has an excellent bodyshell and clean, detailed engine bay. The interior is stunning with a high level of originality and the car is superb to drive in excellent, strong mechanical order.

 In 1998 the Jensen had covered just 18500 miles and was subject of a body restoration and re-commissioning programme at the cost of over £11,000. Prior to the work starting, the Jensen was thoroughly inspected and it was reported the car had original floors, chassis and chassis support rails. These main areas had never required repair and were found to be in very good order. On road test it was documented that the general condition was indicative of a car that had covered very low mileage and had not been used in recent years. The summary was that the Jensen was roadworthy and driveable but the programme of work would take the car to a Condition 1+ standard and improve reliability for everyday use.

The Jensen was stripped down to bare metal, new valances and new wheel arch sections fitted and a full top quality re-paint carried out. The rear axle was removed and stripped down, discs were re-faced, all ancillaries primed, chassis blacked and re-assembled with new springs, brake pads, bushes etc. The front suspension was stripped, cleaned, painted and rebuilt. The radiator was removed, re-cored to race specification and all perishable hoses replaced. Fuel lines were re-routed and all drive belts replaced. The air-conditioning system was re-commissioned, the carburettor rebuilt and a new distributor fitted.  A new water pump and cooler thermostat were also fitted. The engine was checked over and found to be quiet and holding very good oil pressure as expected with such an ultra-low mileage. New gearbox and engine sump gaskets and filters were obtained and fitted. The original interior was removed, stripped, cleaned, treated and re-fitted.

Since this programme of work, the Jensen has been in regular use and ready for long distance touring. The car has covered almost 20,000 miles since the major re-commissioning work and has been maintained to the highest of standards. Between 2008 and 2013 the Jensen has had a further £20,000 spent and as a result has come to us in truly outstanding condition. The Jensen has been in Scotland since the late 1990's and we drove the car 250 miles here without hesitation. The car is a wonderful, usable example presented in stunning condition. The more recent work includes new exhaust manifold gaskets, new inlet manifold and carburettor, new alternator and regulator, new high torque starter motor, new brake calipers and brake pads. A new re-conditioned steering rack has been fitted, new steering rack ball joints fitted and ignition items replaced. All window runners were cleaned and lubricated, new under wheel arch alloy splash guards were made up and fitted and various bezels and trim parts were removed, cleaned and re-painted. A new fuel pump was fitted and new grease nipples in the U/J links in the steering column were fitted. A further body restoration was carried out that includes new inner and outer sills and the interior was further improved and carpets replaced.

WLX 659M comes with an excellent, comprehensive history file that includes over £30,000 of receipts, a full photographic record documenting restoration work, Jensen sales brochure, MOT certificates dating back to 1979, copy production card and Jensen Motors invoices and warranty work from 1974. There are invoices dating from the late 1970's, late 1980's and more recent expenditure.  This is a top class low mileage car that has provenance and the recent track record to demonstrate it is robust, reliable, and usable and a fantastic long distance touring car. Jensen Interceptors like this are hard to find and this is certainly a wonderful find. 

Price: £SOLD