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1938 Lancia Aprilia

We are delighted to own this fabulous Lancia Aprilia, a genuine UK London RHD supplied car that comes with an exceptional history. These very sought after cars are famous for being a Mille Miglia, Monte Carlo Rally, Spa 24 hours, Leige-Rome-Liege and Targa Abruzzo class winner. They were based around a lightweight, four door pillarless monocoque equipped with all round independent suspension, four wheel hydraulic brakes and powered by a narrow angle 1352cc V4 engine with four speed manual transmission. They were particularly advanced for this era and generation; handling was very impressive and with a top speed of 80mph this really was an exciting car of its day.

Our London registered car still retains its original registration mark FLE 851 and comes with an impressive, comprehensive history file dating back to the 1960's. The cars continuation brown ‘buff' logbook tells us the Lancia was in Woking in 1961, Hemel Hempstead in 1965, Earls Court Square, London in 1968 and by 1969 it was purchased by a Hampshire based owner who kept the car for almost 25 years. Correspondence in the history tells us the car required restoration work on initial purchase to include an engine rebuild, interior re-trim, re wire and bodywork. After 24 years of regular use, it was in need of work again when selling the car in the early 1990's. A photo record from 1993 shows the Aprilia in need of restoration and over three years the car was taken to a beautiful standard and was then ready for shows, events and long distance touring.

Photos show the Lancia throughout the 1990's at various places to include the Bristol Lancia AGM on its first outing since completion in 1996 and touring France and Italy later in the year, photos of the car on the Monte Cenis pass and in Longotto,Turin. In 1997 the Lancia completed the Sliding Pillar rally, in May 1997 it featured at the Lancia Club rally in France and in September 1997 the car was present at Castle Combe and Hollyhouse Farm. In April 1998 the car was back in France on the Celtic Rally Brittany and from previous MOT certificates we can see the Lancia covered approaching 5000 miles from rebuild completion in 1996 to the early 2000's.

Between 2008 and 2010 in the region of £20,000 was spent on FLE 851 to include almost £15,000 with Omicron Classico, much of their work was carried out on the engine. The Lancia was also treated to a professional re-spray. The engine rebuild included the entire bottom end being re-white metalled, a new set of liners were machined, pistons were re-machined, the crankshaft was re-installed and the end float set and the engine completely rebuilt. The cylinder head overhauled and re-installed and a new clutch also fitted. Since this work the Lancia has covered just 1000 miles. The Aprilia has arrived with us in delightful condition, driving very well with a lovely strong engine holding very good oil pressure, delightful gearbox and as reported in its early days, it's a very advanced 1940's car that is truly fabulous to drive. Nine years after its rep-paint the finish has nicely aged, it has a lovely deep finish, the bodywork has lovely straight panels, chrome work is bright and the interior is delightful. This is a very exciting car, it's a rare genuine RHD car with superb provenance and its condition is just perfect for what it did so well during the 1990's, for driving, long distance touring and shows/events.


Price: £SOLD