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1960 MG A 1600 Roadster

This stunning MKI MG A Roadster has been subject of a major nut and bolt restoration by our sister Company Malton Coachworks. The MGA was purchased from California and imported into the UK in late 2013 requiring restoration work. On arrival from the U.S, the MGA was driveable and on immediate road test we could report a smooth correct four gearbox with excellent syncromesh and a quiet rear axle. The MGA was then transported to Malton Coachworks.

The body was taken off the chassis and the chassis was then transported locally to be shot blasted. Once shot blasted the chassis was rebuilt with new rails. The chassis was prepared and then painted black. The body was totally stripped back and rebuilt and painted in Iris Blue. The steering rack was replaced with a RHD unit and new brakes and suspension fitted to the car. New splined hubs were purchased a brand new set of chrome wire wheels were fitted. The engine was fully rebuilt with new pistons, bearings, reground crankshaft and unleaded head. The gearbox checked and cleaned and the wiring loom replaced with new. A new exhaust system and thousands of pounds worth of new parts were fitted. The body was bolted back onto the chassis and the MGA was built up with new chromework, new lights, windscreen and full weather equipment. The interior was re-trimmed with Black leather seats with Blue piping, new Black carpets and all new door cards and kick panels made and fitted. The boot was carpeted and a brand new set of tyres fitted. The MGA was then put through its first UK MOT and since then has covered in the region of 200 running in miles.

A fully photographic record and comprehensive file of receipts relating to the rebuild is with the MGA. There is also some U.S history with the car. As expected with this level of rebuild, the MGA is presents in outstanding condition with first class bodywork and paintwork with excellent shut lines and panel gaps. The underneath is exceptional with a first class chassis and all brake pipes and wiring is brand new. The interior is beautiful, the chrome work gleams and weather equipment is new. On the road the MGA is truly outstanding and absolutely first class in every respect.  The car is very tight with perfect steering, sharp brakes and excellent handling. The engine performs superbly and is set up superbly with rebuilt carburettors. The A has good acceleration and more than adequate power from the rebuilt 1600 engine and the gearbox is a delight to use. The MGA drives as one would expect when new and is perfect for anyone looking for a first class, fully rebuilt example.

This wonderful MGA is an ideal collector's car, ideal for shows or a private collection, but also if looking for a reliable MGA capable of long distance touring, a fully rebuilt example like this is certainly worth considering.


Price: £SOLD