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1961 MG A Roadster 1600 MKII

This stunning MGA MKII 1600 has arrived in exceptional condition. The MKII 1600 has the benefits of the 1622cc engine and 4:1 rear axle designed for more relaxed high speed cruising. This example of the MKII is no disapointment on the road with an exceptional engine holding high oil pressure, quiet rear axle and lovely gearbox with excellent syncro's. WFF 210 is a true delight to drive and is perfect for longer distance touring.

Our car has benefitted from a full, six year restoration that has resulted in this being one of the best looking MGA's we've had the pleasure of owning. The restoration began in 2002 with the car being in a good state of condition. The decision was made to purchase a 'new' fully reconditioned Brown & Gammons MGA chassis with the good original panels being sandblasted, prepared and re-painted. All chrome work was either replaced or re-conditioned and the interior completely re-trimmed at the cost of over £2000. New wire wheels and mohair tonneau, mohair hood and sidescreens were also purchased. The engine was fully stripped and found to be in perfect condition, the brakes and suspension completely replaced. The restoration was completed in 2008 with the car presented in top class condition with little over 6,000 miles covered since.

This is a beautiful looking car with a high level of detail. The underside is immaculate, the engine bay and boot exceptional and good enough for showing, even the P700 style lights show this is a car that has had no expense spared.




Price: £SOLD