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1976 MG B GT V8

The V8 powered MG was only produced in the GT version by the factory and was in production from 1973 to 1976. MG used the aluminum-block 3528 cc Rover V8 engine that was first fitted to the Rover P5B and actually weighed less than MG's own iron four cylinder engine. The MGB GT V8 was very warmly received by the automotive press, but British Leyland Motor Corporation was reportedly concerned that the MGB GT V8 would overshadow their other products, including the more expensive and less powerful Triumph Stag. The high level of public interest in the high powered MG is evidenced by thousands of V8 engine conversions that have been completed at home by enthusiasts or in specialist garages.
This factory build MG B GT V8 was professionally restored in the early 1990's with new body panels. The upholstery was completely re-trimmed with black leather seats with green piping that really enhances the appearance of the interior. The interior is beautifully presented and also has the added feature of the desirable webasto sunroof. Exterior styling is also improved by chrome bumpers and minilight alloy wheels. The bodywork, panel fit and paintwork are all of a very high standard and the engine bay is beautifully presented and has been well maintained and detailed. The car is superb to drive and is very fast. The handling and performance are excellent and the car can be used for regular or weekend driving.

Price: £SOLD