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1979 MG B GT

This exceptionally clean MGB GT has been driven down to us from Darlington. FMJ 484T has been beautifully detailed and has a stunning engine bay and clean spare wheel compartment. Invoices from 2002 come with the car and finishing touches such as minilight wheels, mudflaps and chrome sill covers really set the car off.

On first glance paint and bodywork are very smart. On close inspection, very minor imperfections are evident but these are not substantial enough to require any work. The paint is lovely and bright and the body straight with excellent panels. The interior is beautiful with superb seats, carpets, steering wheel, dash and headlining. The MG has the benefit of a webasto sunroof which is in perfect order.

On the road performance is faultless with a fabulous engine holding top oil pressure. The gearbox is perfect with a smooth overdrive and handling and braking are great. Looks and appearance match the driving quality so we are pleased to offer such a fine example of the late MGB GT onto the market.

Price: £SOLD