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1966 MG B Roadster Supercharged

Our outstanding supercharged MGB was subject of a full rebuild over seven years ago. The MG was restored using a Heritage bodyshell and has covered less than 15,000 miles since completion.

On delivery of the Heritage shell it was prepared and painted in MG Blue Royal. The rear axle was stripped, checked, cleaned and re-painted prior to fitting to the car with new road springs and Koni telescopic rear shock absorbers. The gearbox and overdrive were stripped, checked and cleaned prior to fitting with a new clutch and re-conditioned engine. Brakes and clutch master cylinders and all hydraulic lines and pipes were new as were the oil cooler pipes, radiator and hoses, wiring loom and associated components. Upgraded QI lights were fitted along with all new chrome. A new interior trim was fitted with upgraded black leather seats and the windsreen re-furbished and new quarter lights fitted. A new hood and tonneau were trimmed and fitted and the interior finished off with a walnut dash and door cappings. In the autumn of 2005, a Moss supercharger was fitted and at this time the cylinder head was converted to run on unleaded fuel. In view of the increased performance a more powerful servo and EBC special grooved brake discs with Green Stuff pads were fitted.

This very fast MGB has been rebuilt to the highest of standards and the condition throughout is exceptional as expected. The attractive MG registration is with the car along with a comprehensive history file.

Price: £SOLD