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1967 MG B Roadster

This Tartan Red MGB Roadster was subject of a full restoration from the 9th July 1990 to the 5th June 1991. The car was delivered as a complete basket case and taken to the most beautiful of standards in just under 12 months. A forty page photographic record comes with the car along with a six page running report and invoice file containing over almost fifty pages. Receipts for the restoration totalled in excess of 11,000 without the majority of labour costs included. The standard of workmanship was impressive and the MGB was finished off with the highest level of detail including painting of the underside of the shell and preparing the engine bay to a show standard.

Since restoration PWR 808E has covered little over 10,000 miles. The bodyshell remains in excellent order with no signs of corrosion. After nineteen years the paint finish is still of a top quality and the interior has been beautifully kept. The boot area is lovely, clean and tidy, the engine bay still of a superb standard.

The B has an excellent engine holding very good oil pressure. On the road performance is very good, further enhanced with the Del Auto Carburettor. The overdrive comes in and out smoothly and the car is a real delight to drive. 

Overall a beautifully rebuilt MGB that has covered very little mileage over the past few years. 

Price: £SOLD