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1966 MG B Roadster

This magnificent MGB Roadster has been completely rebuilt at the cost of over £20,000. This is very attractive MG is further enhanced by the engine being updated to stage 2 with a 714 camshaft and Weber 45 DCOE Carb making it a fast, very usable road car.

JEH 110D was built between the 5th-7th April 1966 and despatched on the 14th April to the dealer John Pepper Ltd, Henley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Between July 1988 and March 1995 this MGB was completely rebuilt with a brand new Heritage Shell. A fortune was spent mechanically and all receipts and invoices are present with the cars history file. Stunning black leather seats with headrests, new carpets, reconditioned dashboard and gauges and chrome wire wheels were all fitted to the give the finish of a new vehicle. The mileage since this outstanding rebuild is little over 20,000.

The MG today drives like almost new, the engine sounds beautiful with fantastic performance and the gearbox is noise free with a superb overdrive. The underside is immaculate and the car really is something rather special.

Not easily found like this.

Price: £SOLD