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1977 MG B V8 Roadster

This super fast MG B V8 Roadster was driven to us from Teeside. The car is amongst the quickest of V8 MG's we have had the pleasure of selling. The car has had considerable expense in a top class conversion to V8 specification.

The V8 has been stripped down and rebuilt with new main and big end bearings. A re-conditioned five speed gearbox was fitted along with a brand new clutch. V8 manifold huggers, downpipes and a stainless steel exhaust. A re-conditioned re-axle has been fitted along with 4 pot calipers and grooved brake discs to cope with the incredible performance. The MG has had new kingpins, koni shock absorbers with gaz struts and front and rear poly bushes also fitted. Electronic ignition, a new alternator and an MG RV8 distributor also add to the list of expenditure. The MGB was treated to a chrome bumper conversion, leather upholstery and new minilight style wheels.

The MG has outstanding performance and presents well with an excellent bodyshell, bright chrome and deep black paintwork. The car is great fun to drive and makes a superb sound.

Price: £SOLD