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1973 MG B V8 Roadster

This fabulous MG B V8 was fully rebuilt by an aircraft engineer. The car has been restored to the highest of standards and will be one of the finest examples on the market. The restorer has rebuilt the car with the most careful detail and the under bonnet area is quite magnificent. This has to be the very best MGB V8's we've come across. Since restoration the MG has covered little over 15,000 miles.

The bodyshell is excellent with superb panel fit and no corrosion issues. The paint finish is excellent and the underbody superb as you would expect with a car restored to this standard. The interior is very, very clean and fitted with Cobra bucket seats that are required. Carpets, dashboard, door cards and centre console are all excellent, the boot area immaculate with beautiful chrome finishing touches.

Mechanically the car is perfect. On the road the MG is quite superb with an outstanding engine that has been race prepared. The five speed gearbox is excellent and the car handles and brakes superbly. This really is a fantastic, very quick car to drive. The MG is fitted with Holley Carb, race inlet manifold, engine hugger front manifold pipes, uprated suspension, stainless steel fuel tank and much more.

A tremendous piece of kit.


Price: £SOLD