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1933 MG L2 Magna

We are delighted to offer this magnificent MG L2 Magna onto the market. This is one of those very rare opportunities to buy an incredibly special car that has wonderful provenance, history and is in absolute top class condition. The MG last changed hands back in 1965 and has spent 52 years with the same couple who have loved and cherished this car. It has been part of their lives and treated as family, and over five decades has become a unique L2 Magna with the most fascinating history. The headlines to be noted are two top class rebuilds, one on purchase in 1965 and again after some time off the road in the late 1990's. The MG has also some racing provenance, raced regularly at Silverstone and Castle Combe in the late 1960's. During this period a First Class award was achieved at the VSCC's annual event at Madresfield in 1969, 1970 and 1971. More recent years has seen the MG winning its class in the annual RSAC Three Lochs Classic Road Run and the Moffat Classic Car run and is a proven reliable long distance touring car. We can also quote the MG Enthusiast Magazine who have said this car has been transformed from an initial family run about to arguably one of the most desirable cars to ever wear the MG badge.

There were only 90 L2 examples were built before production ceased and this car, number 45 has had an amazing journey. Copies of original documentation from 1934 confirm the MG Roadster was purchased new by the wife of Evelyn Waugh, a member of the famous Bloombury set. The cars first ever registered address was Canonbury Square in London's fashionable West End and with an expensive price tag of £285, these two seater six cylinder MG's were a very desirable car even when new. The MG vanished during WWII and when it was discovered in 1965 it was found in poor condition requiring restoration. The car had clearly seen hard times but it was fully complete but the evening prior to being purchased by its owners of 52 years, the headlights and radiator were stolen. This enabled the car to exchange hands for just £7 and ten shillings in 1965! From 1965 to 1967 the MG was completely renovated and on completion was forced to become the family's daily transport - a squeeze being a two seater but manageable, as proven by the photos in the extensive history files. The MG was used for the daily 10 mile commute into Birmingham City Centre. Interestingly, on a cold winters day the owner draped his apprentice's overcoat over the radiator for the first three miles to get the engine nicely warmed up!

During the late 1960's and early 1970's the MG has its racing years at Silverstone and Castle Combe, winning honours. As the MG was also daily transport, the MG was rarely taken to its limits and by 1978 was able to stand down due to a growing family. The MG would then become the summer car but it wasn't until retirement from a career in electrical engineering in 1995 to starting his own consultancy business that freed up some time to begin thinking about the MG's second restoration. Having a father who had spent over 50 years at Longbridge and with his own career in electrical engineering, the most exquisite, diligent restoration was carried out with the most unbelievable detail undertaken. Just one example, having spent some time researching the history of the L2, it was discovered that the original Alpine Trial cars had been modified with wider spaced carburettors and a revised manifold. The owner decided to contact a fellow enthusiast who operated his own metal foundry and he agreed to make up the designs and cast some new patterns so he could incorporate the modifications into the engine rebuild. The improvement in overall performance is only marginal, but the revised acceleration of 0-60 in 12 seconds was appreciated. In 2000 the ultimate engine rebuild was completed and it was 'Blue Printed' with every nut, bolt and stud newly made. Very expensive new components such as a Phoenix crankshaft and conrods, new 'Jones' camshaft, brand new race pistons, race valves, uprated rocker shaft, triple valve springs and new oil pump gears were all fitted in order to achieve the very best results. A brief read through the history folders will quickly highlight what type of owner the MG has had, it really has had a truly special rebuild which has been perfectly executed. Since the rebuild the MG has been enjoyed as a classic car should. Long distance touring, weekend outings, lots of polishing and we are told in 52 years of ownership, the MG has not once broken down. 

17 or so years since the most recent rebuild and the MG is outstanding. The body is exceptional with perfect straight panels. The frame, chassis and body are top class and paintwork gleams with a top quality finish. The leather upholstery has beautifully aged, the dashboard and carpets are excellent and the engine bay is stunning. This six cylinder MG does not disappoint on the road. We can only describe the long term owner and restorer as a true master craftsman and the engineering of the car is first class. The engine is wonderful with impressive performance, the four speed gearbox is delightful to use and the MG brakes and handles correctly. MG 2799 is an amazing car to drive and whilst it is a very special, unique car, it shouldn't be a museum piece; it deserves to be driven and enjoyed as it has so much over the past 52 years. This rare L2 Magna is a collector's piece and is a very desirable motor car. Several files of history include early paperwork stating the cars first owner as supplied by University Motors in London, photos of the car from the 1960's are with the car, some on the racing circuit and others in family mode, there are MOT's, restoration (detailed engine rebuild invoices etc) and maintenance invoices and lots of interesting correspondence all adding to the glowing provenance of this rare, very special car. Interested parties are encouraged to view the car and read through the extensive history files that specify more detailed information regarding the thorough restoration. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Serious Offers Considered

Please note the following spares, some of which are very valuable all come with the car.

Original SU carburettors

Petrol Pipe for original Carburettors and inlet Manifold.

Gearbox complete minus Bellhousing.

Original Crankshaft and six Connecting Rods (all good).

Spare Halfshaft and Hub.

Spare pair of Alloy Brake Shoes.

Spare pair of Exhaust Manifolds.

Original Camshaft and Rocker Shaft, Rocker Fingers and Bushes.

Spare Crankshaft Gears.

New Engine Shims and Thrust Washers.

Gasket Patterns.

 Two Steel Knock On's. These can be re-chromed superior to modern Bronze replacements.

New Rubber Seal, Bellhousing to Firewall. and two new Sidelight Lens Seals.

Old Water Pump and drive shaft.

New unused Half Shaft

Set of four new Brake Drums unused, heavier than originals and could be drilled out to lighten them.

Old Cylinder Head Gaskets for patterns and Inlet Manifold Template.

MG oil pump spares.

MG dynamo.

Spare cylinder head.

Various bearings, engine components and crankshaft.

Original inlet camshaft manifold and new casting.

Aero screens for rebuild

Aero screen fittings (re-chromed).



Price: £SOLD