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1979 MG Midget 1500

This very original MG Midget has been driven to us from Bempton on the East Coast of Yorkshire. The car has recorded a mileage of 31,500 that is believed genuine and supported by MOT certificates dating back to when the car was just 8 years old.

TDM 191V is a fantastic driver that performs superbly on the road. The Midget has a strong, healthy engine that offers excellent performance and the four speed gearbox is quiet with excellent syncro's. The MG has a great sounding raspy exhaust note and the car not only feels quick, but handles and brakes perfectly.The MG has been superbly maintained and has recently had the carburettors rebuilt with new jets, needles, gaskets, valves and seals. The radiator has been replaced with a specialist twin core matrix unit and a new thermostat has been fitted. The rear wheel cylinders and brake shoes have been recently replaced, the headlamps have been upgraded to Halogen and the clutch slave cylinder replaced. The rotor arm, condenser, distributor cap, spark plugs, leads and coil have all recently been changed and all tyres have been replaced with new. The MG has had all oil replaced and the car has been greased and waxoyled on a regular basis. TDM 191V has been further improved with a new rocker cover and refurbished wheels.

This MG Midget has an excellent, remarkably original bodyshell that has never required welding work. The car still retains its original body panels and the underside is in excellent condition. The paintwork has a nicely aged, honest feel and the interior is similar with a good patina clearly demonstrating this has never been a neglected car. TDM 191V is a very useable, reliable car that is fantastic fun to drive. The car has been regularly serviced, garaged and tuned and set up correctly.

Price: £SOLD