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1977 MG Midget 1500

SPY 928R was built on the 18th-19th May 1977 and left the factory finished in Tahiti Blue with Autumn Leaf upholstery and Black hood. The car was supplied new with Rostyle wheels by Middlesbrough dealership Charles G S Buist Limited and registered on the 7th July 1977. The MG has arrived with us as per factory specification and comes with an exceptional, detailed history file dating back to when the car was just a few years old. MOT records date back to when the MG was just six years with a recorded mileage of 53584 miles and certificates from the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s are with the car up to today’s mileage of 92,200.

Our MG Midget comes an excellent service record with invoices dating back to 1981. Pages and pages of service receipts are with the car whilst it had one owner from 1981 to the early 1990's. In 1985/1986 the car was taken to Darlington based MG specialists and was subject of a major restoration. The car was stripped down with all external parts, engine and interior removed, the bodyshell stream cleaned and inner wings were sand blasted. The shell was restored as necessary with new inner and outer sills, new A posts, various wing and door repairs panels and then fully prepared and re-painted in the cars original colour. The engine was stripped and rebuilt with new bearings, re-conditioned camshaft, new timing chain, oil pump, re-ground crankshaft and a new clutch fitted. The gearbox was stripped, and seals replaced and the braking system and suspension were rebuilt and the car then fully built up with some new trim work. At under ten years old and 62,000 miles the car had a huge level of expenditure and all invoices and relevant paperwork is with the car.

In 1990, the MG was fitted with a new ‘Gold Seal' 1500cc engine and regular invoices for maintenance follow on right throughout the 1990's where mileage was slowing down at 91000 in 1996. According to MOT records by 2003 the MG had covered 91201 miles and then spent a significant amount of time off the road. Photos with the car show a further full re-paint with various bodywork being carried out since coming off the road and in 2010 the MG was back on the road in use, mileage recorded at 91323. Since then the car has covered a further 900 miles and has been regularly maintained with invoices present for recent work. SPY 928R is a perfectly usable, honest and strong driving example that has come to us from one of our regular customers. The MG drives well with a strong engine and gearbox and has only covered 10,000 miles on its brand new ‘Gold Seal' engine from 1990. The bodywork is solid and straight with nice older paintwork, the interior is very well presented with an original honest feel and the car can be further improved with some engine bay detailing.  This good value, great driving car is an ideal entry level classic that can provide lots of fun and has the added value of an excellent history.

Price: £SOLD