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1949 MG TC

This outstanding MG TC is a truly wonderful find. TML 447 was last sold 46 years ago and has been in the hands of a highly skilled, meticulous professional vehicle instrument restorer and keen MG enthusiast who restored and cherished this car along with his J Type, M Type and Austin Chummy. The original brown ‘buff’ logbook confirms the MG was first registered on the 8th April 1949 and we have ownership records back to 1958 when the car was just nine years old. On the 9th July 1958 the car was in Alne, York and in 1960 changed hands moving to Skipton. Between 1961 and 1965 the MG had two owners in Leeds before being registered at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate where it spent eight years. On the 7th March 1973, 46 years ago, TML 447 was purchased by the most recent owners who have restored, loved and cherished this magnificent example.

During the 1980's and 1990's the MG was in typical classic car use and we have some tax discs present from the early 1990's to show this. During the late 1990's the MG was in need of restoration so the owner undertook a major rebuild, removing the body from the chassis and restoring the car from the ground up. The chassis was beautifully prepared, a body tub was supplied by Naylor Brothers and the car was professionally rebuilt and painted by its owner. Chrome work was taken to Derby Plating, the interior was beautifully re-trimmed and the dash and instruments all restored. The engine was rebuilt, superbly detailed and re-fitted to the magnificently finished engine bay. The mechanical components were all overhauled as necessary and on completion in the early 2000's, the MG was to be used on the local show scene. Since completion, just 650 local miles have been covered in the car.

TML 447 has arrived with us in exceptional condition and is a true credit to its long-term owner and restorer. Over 15 years on since completion the paintwork still presents beautifully, the body is exceptional with absolutely no rust and the chassis is beautiful and fresh in appearance. The chrome work gleams, the interior trim is like new, as is the full weather equipment and wheels. The engine bay is ready for the show scene and whilst the car was restored many years ago now, it does present in fabulous condition. On the road this TC does not disappoint either, its lovely to drive, the engine holds excellent oil pressure, the gearbox offers nice smooth, easy changes between the gears, the car is delightful in every respect and will not disappoint if looking for a beautifully prepared, older restoration that has been in excellent hands for the past 46 years.

Price: £SOLD