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1953 MG TD

We have now known this glorious MG TD for over four years. The last owner, a long term customer of ours in Cumbria bought the car from us in 2017 having looked at many TD's that did not meet expectations. In the two years of ownership the car has proven faultless on the road and has been truly enjoyed. We prepared the TD and treated it to a new water outlet manifold, new thermostat and housing, distributor cap, rotor arm, points and leads. Prior to 2017, the TD had been with one of customers in Fife who has been buying cars from us for over 20 years. During his ownership, the MG was carefully detailed, brakes re-lined and used on the show scene.

This TD was manufactured in 1953 and was supplied new to the US market. After 55 years in the States the car was shipped to England where it was treated to a RHD conversion and five speed Type 9 gearbox as part of a major refurbishment programme. The MG was also stripped down and subject of a major restoration and has only covered around 1200 miles in the ten years since. The MG boasts first class leather upholstery, carpets and weather equipment and the body and paintwork are in excellent order. The engine bay is beautifully detailed, ideal for shows, rallies and events. The chrome is excellent throughout and rubbers, seals and tyres are all in very good order.

On the road 259 XUH performs perfectly well with a lovely strong 1250cc engine holding excellent oil pressure, super smooth five speed gearbox making the car ideal for long distance touring and the suspension and steering all feel tight, direct and correct. The chassis is very clean and nicely presented and the underside is sharp, clean and very impressive. This is a fabulous TD that can be driven and enjoyed on a regular basis and is just right in every respect.    

Price: £SOLD