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1953 MG TD

This 1953 MG TD is an ideal entry level open top 1950’s sports car that can be driven, enjoyed, and further improved and fettled if desired. 773 YUX is still in its original LHD format having started life in Canada and still has its Ontario plates on display as well as its UK registration number. The last owner tells us the TD found its way to France by the 2000’s and in 2013 the MG was brought into the UK and registered.

Since being in the UK the MG has had some sympathetic restoration work. Cosmetically the MG arrived in the UK with a good, sound strong body, excellent chassis, strong wood frame and presents well with bright, older paintwork and wire wheels. The TD has been treated to a new set of bumpers and has had replacement weather equipment purchased.

On the road the MG is lively, it performs well, and the engine is very fit with good oil pressure. The engine does really pull well, and it goes through the gears nicely. The gearbox is in good order with our only criticism being it is slightly noisy in first gear. 773 YUX is offered onto the market as a good value, ‘user' and will certainly suit an MG enthusiast as its one of those cars that can be driven all summer, and winter evenings can be spent improving and fettling.

Price: £SOLD