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1953 MG TD/C Competition MK II

This is an incredibly rare and original MG TD MKII C (Competition) that was built in May 1953 for the UK Home market. Only 51 Home market RHD MKIIC’s were ever made, 45 of them built in 1953 with production ending in the August. Our very late car is all matching numbers and correct and retains all the features of the final variant from 1953.

It is commonly known that this Competition model was launched onto the market due to the strong demand for parts and accessories to increase and improve performance of the TD model. This model was originally known as the MKII MG TD but later was called the TDC, C representing Competition. The model also came about due to the exploits of the famous racing driver, Dick Jacobs who owned W Jacobs and Son Ltd, Mill Garage, the most famous of all MG dealerships in Chigwell Road, South Woodford, Essex.

MG Director and General Manager John Thornley gave the Dick Jacobs a TD to try out and he found it heavy and intolerably slow and it was only after he had carried out several modifications that included the fitting of Andrex shock-absorbers (two on each corner), an aero screen, bucket seats and air scoops on the brakes that the car would perform at a level of which  he found acceptable. With modifications and upgrades in place,  Jacobs raced the TD prototype in a production car race at Blandford Camp, winning his class after a closely fought duel with Eric Thompson's HRG; only to forfeit the class because the MG factory could not state that six identical models fitted with Andrex shock-absorbers had been built.

The production TDC did indeed feature Andrex shock absorbers in addition to the standard items, larger 1.5 inch carburettors with increased inlet ports, right side bonnet bulge to incorporate the larger carburettors, larger intake manifold and air cleaner, larger valves, increased compression ratio, higher rev limit to 6,000 rpm, twin electric fuel pumps and lines and a higher performance ignition coil. Externally, the badges, unique to the model, were enamelled black and white as a mark of respect on the death of Cecil Kimber" Cecil Kimber (12 April 1888 - 4 February 1945) was an automobile engineer, most famous for his role in being the driving force behind the MG car company.

UPB 776 has arrived with us totally on the button, in excellent mechanical order and is a true original time warp. The TDC comes with an excellent history file dating back to the early 1970's and it appears to have only had three owners over the past 45 years or so. Throughout this time the TDC has been in both Hampshire and Wiltshire, and in January 1973 UPB 776 featured in the "Safety Fast" publication. Maintenance records are present over the past five decades and in 2012 the car sold to the proprietor of Formalls Vintage and Racing in Salisbury. Invoices for various mechanical work is detailed in the history and the most significant expenditure with its last owner has been a complete engine rebuild. Prior to coming onto the market over £1500 has been spent on further mechanical work to include a comprehensive brake overhaul so the TDC is ready for regular use.

The cosmetic condition is very, very original and the interior has a beautiful, delightfully aged patina. The chassis is in excellent condition and the body and frame are structurally superb, the body only has cosmetic imperfections relating to the age of the vehicle. Due to the highly original looking paintwork yet structurally excellent body, we have decided to book the car in for a complete strip down and re-paint at our Malton Coachworks bodyshop. This work is included within the asking price and will include removal of all four wings, bonnet, doors and all brightwork to ensure a top class, high quality finish. The result will be a first class presented, largely original car in strong mechanical order that has added value of the superb history and provenance of being a totally correct, very low production TDC model. This is a great opportunity to purchase a model that very rarely come onto the market so please do contact us for further information.






Price: £SOLD