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1955 MG TF 1500

SUO 639 was built between the 7th and 11th January 1955 and left the factory as a RHD Home Market car finished in Black with Red leather upholstery. The MG TF was launched at the 1953 Motor Show and production ran until 1955 with 9600 cars built. Initially the TF was offered with the 1250cc engine and late in the summer of 1954 a new 1466cc engine was introduced. The larger, more powerful engine gave TF sales a boost, particularly in US and out of the 3400 1500 TF's, only a handful were sold in the UK. As a result, genuine UK supplied 1500 TF's are quite rare.

This beautifully presented example has a very interesting history and whilst it has had restoration work, it retains a high level of originality. The MG was kept in regular use from 1955 through to the early 1970's and we have a green logbook detailing several owners during its first 20 years. During the early 70's the MG was put into storage in Berkshire as part of an MG collection. The TF was accompanied by a TA, TC, TD and MGA and it was until the mid 1990's when the cars were found inside a tumbledown building in Staines. The MG's were found in a room, believed to be a forgotten collection. The cars were driven into the room as totally original cars, not tampered with or reconditioned in anyway. The MG TF was found totally complete, in good condition but obviously required re-commissioning. The amazing find managed to make the front cover of The Times motoring supplement on the 11th March 1995 and an original copy is with the car. The MG was mechanically re-commissioned by an MG specialist and visually improved with some cosmetic improvements.

SUO 639 has been with its most recent owner for 14 years and has covered in the region of 8000 miles during this period of time. The MG has come to us in lovely condition with an exceptional bodyshell that has lovely, older paintwork that still retains a deep shine. The body has no rust issues and appears to be an incredibly original tub that has never required any major work. The MG has clearly had new chrome after the mid 1990's find and has an excellent set of chrome wire wheels. The upholstery is beautiful with lovely red leather seats, excellent door cards, carpets and dashboard. The MG has good quality weather equipment and a very good set of tyres. This TF has clearly been superbly looked after and has the looks and feel of a top quality, largely original car.

On the road SUO 639 is impressive with a lively 1466cc engine that holds great oil pressure. The MG offers superb performance and pulls strongly through the gears with no knocks, unusual rattles or smoking. The engine is very strong and has proven totally reliable over the past fourteen years. This car offers fabulous fun open top motoring and is surprisingly useable and robust. The MG handles superbly, brakes efficiently and has good, precise steering. The car offers superb value and finding a more honest, original TF1500 will prove very difficult.

Price: £SOLD