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1950 MG YA

This 1950 MG YA is a superbly upgraded, modified MG YA that is ideal for regular use and long-distance touring. FRX 211 is incredible to drive and certainly one of the most impressive driving MG YA’s we’ve ever owned. The MG boasts a fantastic, modified XPAG engine that was rebuilt at huge expense, a five speed gearbox and front disc brakes making this an ultra-usable, quick MG Y Type with improved braking. The car feels superb on the road, really wants to be driven and offers a truly fantastic driving experience. The intention with this car has been to make it a first class driver and it certainly is that, it’s superbly well fettled and has driven over to us faultlessly.

In 2008 FRX 211 had the mentioned major engine rebuild completed by one of the UK's leading MG specialist engine builders. The XPAG engine was completely dismantled and fully rebuilt with a comprehensive photographic record. The cylinder block was chemically dipped to remove any contamination from the water and oil ways and then bored out to take new Arias pistons that have an altered deck and adjusted pin height to suit a new steel billet crankshaft. As result, the XPAG block is equivalent to 1460cc. A sports camshaft was fitted with new cam bearings and a new timing chain fitted. All conrods were cleaned, shot blasted, crack tested and checked for straightness, the big ends then honed and balanced. New small end bolts and an upgraded high tensile big end bolt kit were fitted. The crankshaft assembly was fitted to the block with an improved front seal on the pulley and lip seal conversion to the rear of the crank. The oil pump was re-conditioned with a new gear set, new shaft and gear, new pressure springs and balls and re-cutting the seats. The body was then re-bushed and all surfaces re-faced. The cylinder head was stripped, shot blasted and crack tested and then skimmed. Bronze guides were fitted and modified to accept improved valve stem oil seals and hardened seats fitted. Porting to the inlet tracks was carried out to improve gas flow. The engine fully built back up was then re-fitted to the MG with a brand new clutch.

FRX 211 is a beautifully presented car and is ready to use and enjoy. This is a very good looking, smart example with lovely older paintwork. Paintwork is bright, the body, frame and chassis are strong and in very good order, brightwork is of a very high standard and the interior trim lovely throughout with a nice patina. This is a very well sorted, usable car and its nicely aged, fresh looking finish really enhances what is a true drivers car and one to really cover some miles in. Our YA is further enhanced by chrome wire wheels, and in its period colour combination and retained original interior fittings, it really is a special 1950's Saloon that will be a pleasant surprise on road test.

Price: £SOLD